Civic Engagement & Service Program

Good men make a difference in the world, and helping you become "a man who serves" is part of the mission of Hampden-Sydney College. Our Civic Engagement program provides you with opportunities for volunteer service and other forms of engagement outside the college gates. For some of you, this will provide practical experiences that will help you make career choices (like a career in service, coaching, or teaching). For others, it will give you a way to balance your studies with different pursuits, like working with kids. The habits, knowledge, and commitments you develop here will help you build a life after college that is fulfilling and meaningful, one that truly exemplifies what it means to be a good man and a good citizen.

Volunteer Service
doing good with your time

Community Partnerships
connecting the College and the community

Hampden-Sydney is a proud participant of The Big Event, a nationwide day of service.