Chair: Daniel G. Mossler
Professors Herdegen, Mossler, Vitale, D. Weese;
Visiting Assistant Professor Gyurovski

The requirements for a major in Psychology are 10 courses and 3 laboratories in Psychology, including Psychology 101, 210, 211/251, 401, and 402. In addition, students must take either Psychology 301/351 or 312/352, and either Psychology 306/356 or 315/355. (Although the lecture courses may be taken without the lab sections, the lab sections must be taken at the same time as the corresponding lecture courses.) Electives in Psychology may be chosen from the 200-, 300-, and 400-level departmental offerings. Students are encouraged to complete Psychology 210 and 211 during the sophomore year, and 211 must be completed before the end of the junior year. Students also are strongly encouraged to take at least one 300-level laboratory course before the end of the junior year.

The requirements for a minor in Neuroscience are Biology 110/151 (4 hours credit), Biology 201, Biology 333, Psychology 101, Psychology 211/251 (4 hours credit), Psychology 301 and 351, and one course from among the following: Biology 130, 204, 304, 310, 311/358, 347; Chemistry 110/151; Computer Science 161; Physics 131/151; Philosophy 102, 314; Psychology 204, 207, 303, 312 and 352, 313.

Students may develop interdisciplinary majors within the social and natural sciences with the approval of the departments concerned.

Students seeking admission to graduate study in Psychology are encouraged to take more than the required number of courses in Psychology and to choose their electives from Sociology or Biology.

Psychology Course Catalogue

updated 7/2/19