Chair: J. Michael Utzinger
Professor Utzinger; Associate Professor Vogel; Assistant Professors Elser, Harris

The requirements for a major in Religion are 31 hours in Religion courses, including at least one course at the 200-level or above in each of the four areas of study: world religions, Biblical studies, Christian theology and ethics, and American and historical studies. At least one course must be a 400-level seminar, ordinarily the seminar designated Religion 445, Colloquium. Students must complete in sequence Religion 444 and Religion 445. Six hours in Philosophy courses are also recommended for students majoring in Religion; Philosophy 217, Greek 303, and Sociology 305 may be counted toward the required hours for the major.

The requirements for a minor in Religion are eighteen hours of courses in Religion. Only one introductory course (i.e. Religion 101, 103, 104, or 105) may count toward the minor. The minor requires three additional courses at the 300-level or above, at least one of which must be a departmental seminar or the departmental colloquium (from Religion 405, 415, 425, 435, or 444 and 445). In addition to Religion courses, Philosophy 217 and Greek 303 may serve as electives toward the Religion minor.

Religion Course Catalogue

updated 7/31/20