• Christopher Mize


    Despite earning an MBA and establishing a successful career in pharmaceutical sales, Christopher Mize '89 couldn’t deny his need to paint. So 15 years after graduating from Hampden-Sydney College, he found his way back to the canvas and eventually quit his job to pursue his art full time. Chris Mize '89

  • Michael Luter

    Entrepreneur, Outdoor Enthusiast, and Philanthropist

    Inspired by his love of the outdoors and deep appreciation for the U.S. military, Michael Luter '94 has started a new family tradition to give back to those who serve our nation. The Legacy Ranch Tower Shoot provides a day of camaraderie and sportsmanship to wounded or injured service members and veterans in Hampton Roads. Michael Luter '94

  • John-Garrett "JG" Kemper

    Attorney and Singer-songwriter

    Attorney and government-relations consultant John-Garrett Kemper, Hampen-Sydney College Class of 1993, has added the title singer-songwriter to his list of accomplishments. John-Garrett Kemper '93

  • Scott Keel


    For Dr. Rodney Scott Keel '02, following his dreams and grasping every opportunity has taken the Virginia native around the world and back. At each stop, though, he has found a way to include others in his life and extend them similar opportunities. Scott Keel '02

  • Ryan Odom

    Basketball Coach

    Now entering his second season at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, Odom was named the nation’s top first-year Division I head coach in 2017 by CollegeInsider.com, led UMBC to its first three postseason wins in school history at the CIT Tournament, and was named a finalist for the 2017 Skip Prosser Man of the Year Award. Ryan Odom '96

  • Trey Lackey III

    National Security Specialist

    Now retired from government service, Trey Lackey was able to acknowledge his 25 years with the Clandestine Service of the Central Intelligence Agency when he gave the keynote address at Hampden-Sydney College's Wilson Center for Leadership 9-11 commemoration. Trey Lackey III '86

  • Russell Turner

    Basketball Coach

    Named a finalist for the 2017 Skip Prosser Man of the Year Award, Russell Turner '92 received national recognition for his character and leadership in his eighth season as head coach at the University of California-Irvine. Russell Turner '92

  • Joe Viar

    Tech Industry

    Joe Viar '63 and Bonnie Christ give back to Hampden-Sydney College with his donation to the Brinkley Hall renovation as a heartfelt thank you to his alma mater. Joe Viar '63

  • Tom Spencer


    Photographing high-end, custom-built yachts and covering sport-fishing tournaments up and down the east coast, Tom Spencer '10 has carved out a niche in the freelance photography world. Tom Spencer '10

  • Edward T. Wolanski


    Community legend, Dr. Edward T. Wolanski, Hampden-Sydney College Class of '78, has delivered more than 10,000 children during his 30 years as an obstetrician. Edward T. Wolanski '78

  • Taylor Smack


    Hampden-Sydney College alumnus Taylor Smack '97 is at the forefront of the craft beer industry, winning national and international accolades at Blue Mountain Brewery. Taylor Smack ’97

  • Chris Buck


    Oyster farmers such as Chris Buck, Hampden-Sydney College Class of 1997, are the driving force behind resurrecting a long-lost Virginia staple and revitalizing the once-neglected Chesapeake Bay waters in which they flourish. Chris Buck ’97

  • Pierce Buckingham


    On the windswept plains of the Mongolian Steppe last August, a group of extreme adventurers recreated the famed postal routes of Genghis Khan—among them Pierce Buckingham '06 of Hampden-Sydney. Pierce Buckingham ’06

  • John Currence


    John Currence '87 is one of four Hampden-Sydney men who have distinguished themselves in the cut-throat world of fine dining, rising through the ranks to become owner-chefs of highly acclaimed restaurants. John Currence '87

  • Matthew Reiss

    Mushroom Farmer

    Matthew Reiss '06 and his partner Jenna Kuczynski have brought their passion and knowledge back to Southwest Virginia, fulfilling Reiss' dream of owning and operating a sustainable farm. Matthew Reiss '06

  • Robbie O’Cain


    Hampden-Sydney alumnus Robbie O'Cain '07 is at the forefront of the craft beer industry, winning national and international accolades at Starr Hill Brewery. Robbie O’Cain ’07

  • Alexander Jermaine “Jay” Patrick

    Banking and Finance

    Hampden-Sydney College alumnus “Jay” Patrick ’03 joined forces with a former Randolph-Macon rival to erradicate homelessness among Richmond's military veteran population. Alexander Jermaine “Jay” Patrick ’03

  • Jay Rostan

    Lacrosse Coach

    2017 ODAC Coach of the Year Jason "Jay" Rostan '03 reflects on the value of Division III athletics and the legacy of Hampden-Sydney College Lacrosse. Jay Rostan '03

  • Gordon Wadsworth

    Professional Cyclist

    With six national championships under his belt, professional mountain biker Gordon Wadsworth, Hampden-Sydney College Class of 2010, is making a name for himself in the cycling world. Gordon Wadsworth '10

  • Toby Usnik

    Public Relations

    Toby Usnik, Class of 1985, encourages a life of purpose in a seminar at Hampden-Sydney College titled, "Arts and the Purpose-Driven Life." Toby Usnik '85

  • Keith Leach


    Born at Hampden-Sydney during his father’s undergraduate years, new College Chaplian Keith Leach '81 has truly come full circle. He shares his journey to faith, to ministry, and back to Hampden-Sydney. Keith Leach '81

  • Gordon Johnson


    In his work salvaging, restoring, and repairing buildings, Gordon Johnson, Hampden-Sydney College Class of 1997, has had the chance to explore places that once sheltered great Virginians of the past. Gordon Johnson ’97

  • J. Tyler Matthews


    From middle school through Hampden-Sydney, J. Tyler Matthews '05, had already taken art classes in which he painted and did wire sculpting, so combining his metalwork with art seemed to be a natural outlet. J. Tyler Matthews '05

  • Tillman Heuer

    Racecar Driver

    Tillman Heuer, Hampden-Sydney College Class of 2015, is a racecar driver from Virginia Beach, VA. Tillman Heuer '15

  • John Melton


    John Melton, Class of 1991 at Hampden-Sydney College, begins work as headmaster at Fuqua School in Farmville, Virginia. John Melton '91

  • Mahdi Abu-Omar

    Research Chemist

    A chemistry professor at Purdue University, Abu-Omar, Hampden-Sydney College Class of 1992, leads a research group developing metal catalysts for renewable energy and environmental applications. Mahdi Abu-Omar '92

  • Robert Pullum

    Restorer and Preservationist

    Robert Pullum, now a restorer and preservationist, cultivated his creative streak at Hampden-Sydney College. Robert Pullum '87

  • Rob Irons

    Classics Professor

    Dr. Rob Irons's fascination with distant cultures and civilizations would propel him across Europe and the United States, and finally back to Hampden-Sydney as the newest professor in the Classics Department. Robert Irons ’00

  • Owen Suter III


    Owen Suter III, Hampden-Sydney College Class of '81 and cabinetmaker, carries on a six-generation family tradition, working with his artisans to create 18th-century reproductions in Richmond, Virginia. Owen Suter III '81

  • Raphael Sydnor

    Weightlifting Entrepreneur

    Raphael Sydnor, Hampden-Sydney College Class of 2001 and powerlifting entrepreneur, recently started his own company, B.O.A. Belts, or "Be Overly Aggressive," making lifting belts and wrist straps for weightlifters. Raphael Sydnor '01

  • Kevin Martingayle


    Attorney Kevin Martingayle ’88 of Bischoff Martingayle PC, a law firm based in the coastal city talks about the excellent education instruction from the professors he had at Hampden-Sydney College. Kevin Martingayle '88

  • Carter Myers

    Entrepreneur and Child Advocate

    Carter Myers, Hampden-Sydney College Class of 1995, Entrepreneur and Child Advocate, on Stopping Bullies and Building Business Carter Myers '95

  • Rollie Edwards


    Rollie Edwards ’17 wanted an American flag bow tie to wear to a Fourth of July party, but every one he found was too expensive. So, he made one. Now he owns his own handmade bow tie company, Whitley Cotton Company. Rollie Edwards ’17

  • Carter Hudgins

    Historic Preservationist

    Dr. Carter C. Hudgins, Hampden-Sydney College Class of '00 is a South Carolina-area historic preservationist. Carter Hudgins '00

  • Walker P. Sydnor, Jr.


    Walker P. Sydnor, Jr., Class of 1971 and recently-retired president of Scott Insurance, watched this one-office firm grow into a regional leader in commercial insurance and risk management. Walker P. Sydnor, Jr. '71

  • Richard Moncure Jr.


    Richard Moncure Jr. '03, waterman and restauratuer, is finishing up his second year as Friends of the Rappahannock’s first-ever tidal river steward. Richard Moncure Jr. '03

  • Max Meador

    Teacher and Coach

    A longtime teacher and coach at Virginia Episcopal School, Max Meador ’58 taught Latin to boys and girls for nearly 40 years. Max Meador '58

  • Cabell Fooshe

    Sports Entrepreneur

    After years working as a corporate recruiter, Cabell Fooshe, Hampden-Sydney College Class of 1992 is bringing a new product to the golf industry. Cabell Fooshe '92

  • Sekou Kaalund

    Managing Director

    Sekou Kaalund, Class of 1997 at Hampden-Sydney College, is now a managing director for the Institutional Asset Servicing business within JP Morgan's Corporate and Investment Bank. Sekou Kaalund '97

  • R. Tyler Whitley

    Political Reporter

    R. Tyler Whitely '59 retires from more than 50 years as a reporter, over 30 of them covering politics for The Richmond Times Dispatch. R. Tyler Whitley ’59

  • David Lawrence, Jr.

    Ski Instructor and Business Owner

    Just days after he graduated from Hampden-Sydney College, David Lawrence '98 packed up his car and started driving west. Now he is a nationally recognized cross-country ski instructor and co-owner (with his wife) of a river rafting company. David Lawrence, Jr. ’98

  • Demas Boudreaux

    Sporting Entrepreneur

    Demas Boudreaux '02, proprietor of Commonwealth Birding, sees his hunting preserve business expanding from the preserve and e-commerce site to include event hosting, possibly big game hunts, and an area for skeet and trap shooting. Demas Boudreaux ’02

  • Scott Cooper

    Director and Actor

    After years working as an actor and aspiring writer in Hollywood, Scott Cooper ’92 struck Oscar gold with his directorial debut, Crazy Heart. Scott Cooper ’92

  • Rick Staab

    Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

    When their son was diagnosed with dystonia, Rick and Michelle Staab began researching the disease and soon realized that there was little information to be found. So they started Tyler’s Hope, a non-profit organization to help find the cure. Rick Staab ’90

  • Larry Caplin

    Dentist and Mentor

    Dr. Lawrence B. “Larry” Caplin ’86 is out to change how America’s children take care of their bodies and how they perceive their own futures. Dr. Larry Caplin ’86