Department Chair Expiration of Term
Biology Dr. Kristian M. Hargadon


Chemistry Dr. Nicholas P. Deifel 2021
Classics for questions regarding administration of this department, please contact the Associate Dean of the Faculty
Economics and Business

Dr. Gregory M. Dempster

English Mr. Nathaniel D. Perry 2020
Fine Arts Mr. Matthew R. Dubroff 2020
Government and Foreign Affairs Dr. Warner R. Winborne 2019
History Dr. James W. Frusetta 2022
Mathematics and Computer Science Dr. Brian C. Lins 2021
Modern Languages Dr. Julia E. Palmer 2019
Philosophy Dr. Marc A. Hight 2021
Physics and Astronomy Dr. Hugh "Trey" O. Thurman, III 2021
Psychology Dr. Daniel G. Mossler 2022
Religion Dr. J. Michael Utzinger 2021
Rhetoric Program Dr. Katherine J. Weese 2021
Western Culture Program Dr. Eric G. Dinmore 2020

updated 6/6/19