Your safety is of utmost importance. Please heed all fire safety regulations.

There are no warnings issued for fire safety violations! Both students living in a double room are responsible for violations found in the room!

Fire Safety Resources


John Shelton, Fire Safety Technician 
Physical Plant, 001 
(434) 223-7260 |

Thomas Card, Assistant Fire Safety Technician
(434) 223-6357 |

Proper Display of Decorations

Each student may hang one exposed 2' x 3' paper poster on the wall of their bedroom. All other flammable decorations in student living areas, (i.e., posters, flags, banners etc.) must be behind glass or Plexiglas, in a manner that no part of the item can be exposed to open flame.

Proper use of bunk beds

All bunk beds must remain open. No bunk bed may be enclosed, in any way.

All bunk beds must remain uncovered. Covered bunk beds are illegal.

Utilization of UPS Devices

The use of a UPS device is allowed but only for the purpose it is primarily designed for; that is, back-up power to prevent data loss for computers. UPS devices are not to be used in place of surge protectors for other electrical equipment.The American Power Conversion Corporation and CyberPower Systems offer the following guidelines on their web sites. The UPS device must be plugged directly into properly wired and grounded wall outlets; no extension cords, adapters or other electrical connections may be used. If you use a UPS device it must be plugged directly into the wall outlet and not into your surge protector.

Surge Protectors

Surge protector/power strip shall be protected with a built-in 15 amp circuit breaker (reset switch) and shall be plugged directly into a wall outlet and not into another surge protector.

Fire Safety Videos

Kirk Rohle Shares TAC Fire Experience (19:23)
2015 mock student room burn  (16.09 min)
2015 time lapse of burn (17 sec)
2011 mock student room burn  (9.25 min)
2010 mock student room burn (7 min)
2010 mock student room burn (14 min)
Station Nightclub Fire: "Have an Exit Strategy"
Other Fire Safety YouTube videos