• Assistant Professor of Economics and Business

    Morton Hall 022
    (434) 223-6200



Ph.D., Florida International University, 2012

M.A., Florida International University, 2009

M.C., University of New Delhi, 2003 

B.C., University of New Delhi, 2001

Research Interests and potential topics for students

Research interests: Broad areas

  1. Economics - Entrepreneurship, Small business - failure and survival, Entrepreneurial Learning, Market signals, General economic performance
  2. Accounting - Financial statement analysis, Financial fraud
  3. Business - Starting and running a business
  4. Data analysis - Panel Data, Census

Potential topics for students:

  1. Factors that affect business failure and survival
  2. How fast do entrepreneurs/business owners respond to market signals
  3. Current economic situation and comparison with rest of the world
  4. Factors that motivate a person to opt for entrepreneurship