June 29, 2018

After 47 years, Ralph Crawley—a beloved fixture at the Hampden-Sydney College—will retire.

Ralph Crawley speaks at his retirement party. Ralph Crawley is retiring from Hampden-Sydney College after 47 years. Though his official title is the water/sewer supervisor, his experience and work ethic have made him the go-to person for a wide variety of projects during his tenure.

In addition to working in the Buildings and Grounds Department, he held many part-time jobs around campus, including working in the dining hall, cleaning the church, and serving on the Hampden-Sydney Volunteer Fire Department.

Postmistress Shelby Asal has worked with Crawley on the fire department since the mid-1970s. She says, "He was one of the first community members to join the fire department. He joined right out of high school. Ralph is the kind of person you can call at 10:30 at night and say 'Ralph, I need help,' and he says, 'Okay'." During his decades at the fire department, Crawley has worked alongside dozens of community members and more than 200 Hampden-Sydney College students. 

Ralph is the kind of person you can call at 10:30 at night and say 'Ralph, I need help,' and he says, 'Okay'.

Shelby Asal, postmistress

Jim Pohl, retired food service director at Hampden-Sydney, worked with Crawley for many years in the Commons. "When I first started, I asked a lot of questions. Who works weekends? Ralph. Who works nights? Ralph. Who has the keys? Ralph. And Ralph was working part-time. We meet millions of people in our lives, and you don't come across people like him every day."

No one in the Buildings and Grounds Department worked with Crawley longer than Paul Giles, assistant director of the physical plant. He summed up well the sentiments of many of Crawley's colleagues: "He has been much more than a great employee. He has been a great friend."

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