• Quinn Sipes

    Greek & Latin

    While travelling abroad in Tokyo, Quinn Sipes '19 studied the ancient Japanese theatre form, Noh. Quinn Sipes '19

  • Wes Kuegler

    Computer Science

    Wes Kuegler '18, a computer science major, worked at NASA's Langley Research Center during the summer. Wes Kuegler '18

  • Sam Fleming

    Economics & Business

    Sam Fleming '19 was selected to be one of 150 performers in the renowned Carolina Crown Drum Corps, the bronze medal winners at the Drum Corps International World Championships. Sam Fleming '19

  • Josh Katowitz

    Economics & Business

    Josh Katowitz '18 earned an internship resulting in a job offer with IBM at Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, NC. Josh Katowitz '18

  • Zane Moody


    A government major, Zane Moody '18, interned at the White & Case LLP Singapore office during his summer break. Zane Moody '18

  • Tanner Beck

    Economics and Business

    Two Hampden-Sydney students launched a philanthropic clothing company "on a mission to eliminate illiteracy" while maintaining full academic loads. Tanner Beck '18

  • Jacky Cheng

    Economics and Business

    Two Hampden-Sydney students launched a philanthropic clothing company "on a mission to eliminate illiteracy" while maintining full academic loads. Jacky Cheng '18

  • Ryan Kluk

    Biology and History

    Tiger mascot, Ryan Kluk '17, uses his energy to take advantage of all Hampden-Sydney has to offer. Ryan Kluk '17

  • Dustin Wiles


    For most Hampden-Sydney students, baseball season represents a semester's worth of opportunities to enjoy spring weather with friends-a perfect break from studying. For athlete Dustin Wiles, the season represents an entirely different beast. Dustin Wiles '17

  • Sam Murphy

    Foreign Affairs & German

    Hampden-Sydney College Student Body President Sam Murphy '18 flies through life as fast as he skates down the hilly campus paths, full of energy and enthusiasm. Sam Murphy '18

  • Alex Abbott

    History and Philosophy Major

    Hampden-Sydney College student Alex Abbott '17 recently won the Best Paper award at the 3rd annual National Undergraduate Philosophy Conference at West Virginia University. Alex Abbott '17

  • Gui Guimaraes


    Although he isn't sure what the future holds, Gui Guimaraes '18 knows in some way it will involve taking what he has learned at Hampden-Sydney College-as a chemist, athlete, leader, and citizen-back home to make a positive impact in Brazil. Gui Guimaraes '18

  • Hunter Hoffler

    Economics & Business Major

    One week before his freshman orientation at Hampden-Sydney, Hunter H. Hoffler '19 added World Champion to his list of accomplishments--a list which already included National Champion, Team USA captain, business entrepreneur, and star of his own television show on the World Fishing Network. Hunter Hoffler '19

  • Chris Williams-Morales

    English and History

    Hampden-Sydney awarded the Thomas Edward Crawley Scholarship in English, the first of its kind at Hampden-Sydney College, to Christopher Williams-Morales ’17. Chris Williams-Morales '17

  • Bobby George

    Foreign Affairs

    Bobby George '17 is spending what would have been his senior year deployed in Qatar on National Guard duty. Bobby George '17

  • Aaron Dawley


    Aaron Dawley '18 exemplifies the well-rounded liberal arts student — one who has focused most on leadership. Aaron Dawley '18

  • Lewis Brooks

    Economics and Business

    Cross Country runner Lewis Brooks '19 just broke the school record for the 8K on November 12 at the NCAA Regional Meet by shaving five seconds off the top time. Lewis Brooks '19

  • Tyler Langhorn


    Tyler Langhorn, Hampden-Sydney College Class of 2017, spent a summer working as an intern at the Fulbright Commission in Prague, Czech Republic. Tyler Langhorn '17

  • Hunter Williams

    Hunter Williams '20 returned to Uganda for a second humanitarian trip. Hunter Williams '20

  • Austin Galeski

    Economics & Business

    Austin Galeski, Hampden-Sydney College Class of 2019, is a National Karate Champion Austin Galeski '19

  • Reggie Johnson


    Reggie Johnson, Hampden-Sydney College Class of 2016, accepts an offer to sign with Houston Astros. Reggie Johnson '16

  • Robert Jackson

    Biology and Chemistry

    Robert Jackson '18, worked on an Army Research Office funded internship at the Robert C. Byrd Biotechnology Science Center. Robert Jackson '18