Wellness Center logoThe mission of the Wellness Center is to promote healthy living in the students of Hampden-Sydney College.  We are here to assist you with enhancing your emotional and physical well-being and can help with your health concerns, mental health concerns, or substance concerns. Call or come by for an appointment. 

Annie Jones, Wellness Center Director

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Student Health Services

The Health Center is staffed with a College Physician and professional nurses who are experienced in the care of health problems that frequently plague students. There is no fee for Student Health Services visits.

Offices are open Monday-Friday: 7:30 am-4 pm
(434) 223-6167

Timothy W. Corbett, M.D., College Contract Physician 

Beth P. Graham, BSN, RN-BC, Director of Student Health 

Barbara P. Kiewiet de Jonge,BSN, RN-BC, Primary College Health Nurse 

C. Denise Faircloth, LPN, Nurse, Receptionist 

Student Health

Counseling Services

Hampden-Sydney College Counseling Service offers confidential counseling and mental health services to students. 

Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-5 pm
(434) 223-6411

Elizabeth S. Blevins, LPC College Counselor

Steven L. Carter, FNP-BC, Psychiatric Services


Substance Education

By providing a variety of educational opportunities for students and student groups, students make healthier, informed decisions, and set this example for others to follow. The College also provides support to any students who may be having substance use problems.

Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-5 pm
(434) 223-6318

Shawn White, M.A., Assistant Dean for Substance Education

Substance Education


Student Care Team

To express a concern about a student, please send an email to careteam@hsc.edu or contact a member of the Student CARE Team individually.

Student Care Team

Suggestion Box

The online Suggestion Box is a resource for your serious questions, comments, or referrals on substance education (or any other topic) at H-SC. Please share your views with us.

Suggestion Box

Wellness Center Director

Annie Jones
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