The National Security Studies minor is designed for students who are interested in the historical, political, cultural, ethical, and legal dimensions of national security policy as well as the place and role of the military in American society.

The requirements of the minor are one required course during each of the student's final three years at Hampden-Sydney College: Interdisciplinary Studies 275 (sophomore year), INDS 465, GVFA 442 and History 377 (junior year). 

Students also must complete at least two courses from separate departments, selected from GVFA 231, GVDA 341, GVFA 242, GVFA 342, PHYS 107, Econ 261, Econ 262, INDS 395 INDS 285-485 or History 313; Government and Foreign Affairs 442; Interdisciplinary Studies 465; Religion 103; English 194; and Government and Foreign Affairs 230 or Interdisciplinary Studies 375.  Any INDS 495 with topics dealing in National Security.

The aim of this interdisciplinary program is to prepare students to think about military action and national security policy in the context of constitutional principles, inter- and intra-governmental relationships, social and cultural constraints, and competing views of ethical human behavior.

Dr. David E. Marion, Wilson Center