While Hampden-Sydney, alone, is worth visiting for its beauty and historic and cultural richness, the Central Southside region of Virginia has much to offer!

Wondering what there is to do in Farmville, Virginia? According to Richmond Magazine, Farmville makes a great destination for a family day trip or a weekend getaway!

Historic Hampden-Sydney

Hampden-Sydney College is  the last American college founded in British Colonial America and has remained in continuous operation since November 10, 1775. The central portion of the campus has been designated a National Historic Preservation Zone. It includes Cushing Hall (1822-1833), originally called New College, and Venable Hall (1825-1830), originally Union Theological Seminary. The College is part of the Road to Revolution Heritage Trail and the Civil Rights in Education Trail.

A campus map is located adjacent to the driveway in front of Hampden House on the right soon after passing through the main gate and opposite Everett Stadium.  Also in front of Hampden House are the markers for the two heritage trails.

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Hampden-Sydney Music Series 
Hampden-Sydney is committed to the intellectual and cultural enrichment of the Southside community and presents six free public concerts throughout the academic year. 

Longwood Center for the Visual Arts - Farmville
A collaborative forum for students and faculty of Longwood University and the people of South Central Virginia, this Center explores visual art and its relevance to everyday life. The LCVA fosters creativity, intellectual curiosity, and involvement in the visual arts through its exhibitions, educational programs, permanent collection, and volunteer and internship programs.

J Fergeson Gallery - Farmville 
The J Fergeson Gallery brings together the work of nationally-recognized and local artists and features contemporary paintings, ceramics, sculpture, and photography.

Green Front Furniture - Farmville
Search any of Green Front's 12 warehouses for the perfect piece of furniture for your home.


Esther T. Atkinson Museum - Hampden-Sydney College
The Museum supports the College's mission by collecting, preserving and interpreting objects that enhance its educational offerings and promote its history.

Red Hill, Patrick Henry National Memorial - Charlotte County 
Patrick Henry's last and favorite home, located on the Staunton River includes the reconstructed house, the original law office, view an extensive collection of artifacts. Patrick Henry was on the first Board of Trustees of Hampden-Sydney College and seven of his ten sons attended Hampden-Sydney. Part of the Road to Revolution Heritage Trail

Sailor's Creek Battlefield Historical State Park - Amelia County
Nearly a quarter of Confederate General Robert E. Lee's army (more than 7,700 men), including eight generals, were killed, wounded, or captured on April 6, 1865, at the battle of Sailor's Creek, known as the Black Thursday of the Confederacy. Lee surrendered his army 72 hours later at Appomattox Court House. The park is on the Lee's Retreat Civil War Driving Tour. Related Site: Civil War Traveler

High Bridge - Cumberland County
Built in 1853, the 2,400-foot-long railroad bridge was 160 feet high and originally had a wooden wagon bridge located below the railroad bridge. Today, a 1914 steel bridge serves as the center of High Bridge Trail State Park.  One of the last battles of the Civil War was fought at High Bridge, which spanned the Appomattox River. The High Bridge is on the Lee's Retreat Civil War Driving Tour.

Appomattox Court House Historical Park - Appomattox 
This park marks the site of the original village of Appomattox Courthouse. Here, Generals Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant negotiated the terms of surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia thus ending the Civil War. Most buildings are original and have been restored as they were on April 9, 1865. The park is on the Lee's Retreat Civil War Driving Tour.

The Museum of the Confederacy - Appomattox
The Museum of the Confederacy-Appomattox is the newest part of the Museum System. This facility features two exhibits that showcase the Museum's unparalleled collection to tell the stories of the Civil War. Located at the intersection of US 460 and State Route 24-just down the road from the Appomattox Court House National Historical Park.Drawing from a rich collection of artifacts and documents, The Museum of the Confederacy-Appomattox interweaves stories of the Confederate government, the military, civilians, and enslaved & free African Americans. The main exhibition, Appomattox, details events leading up to, during, and following the war. Of special interest are General Lee's sword and the frock coat he wore at the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia to General Grant.

Robert Russa Moton Museum - Farmville
In 1951, the student body led by 17-year-old Barbara Johns walked out of R.R. Moton High School in protest of unequal education facilities. The resulting school desegregation lawsuit was part of the 1954 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board, which concluded that "in the field of public education, the doctrine of 'separate but equal' has no place." The museum is part of the Civil Rights in Education Trail.

Parks & Recreation

The Manor Golf Club -Farmville
Located just outside the Hampden-Sydney gates, The Manor Golf Club is the perfect way to cap off your afternoon. Tee times can be set up online or over the phone at (434) 392-2244. Open Monday-Sunday 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

High Bridge Trail State Park
This 31-mile long multi-use trail is ideal for hiking, bicycling,and horseback riding. The trail winds through the counties of Cumberland, Nottoway, and Prince Edward, and the towns of
Burkeville, Farmville, Pamplin City, Prospect, and Rice. 

Twin Lakes State Park - Prince Edward County
This historic park offers swimming, fishing, boating, lakefront picnicking. and overnight accommodations, including a campground and cabins. Hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians can take advantage of a multiuse trail developed in conjunction with Prince Edward-Gallion State Forest. Cedar Crest Conference Center is available for family reunions, wedding receptions, and other gatherings.

The Adventure Park at Sandy River Retreat - Prince Edward County
Custom designed high element ropes course, with over 40 elements, consisting of challenge obstacles, zip lines, burma bridges, cargo nets and more...

The Outdoor Experience - Hampden-Sydney College

All Virginia State Parks

Virginia Vineyards

Virginia Beer Trail