KhanAcademy - Ms. Burns' favorite online tutorial site

All Purpose:

CONJUGUEMOS: Spanish, French, Latin, and German language learning made easy!  This site offers practice exercises covering grammar vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension.  Students must register, but the site is FREE!


Dr. J's Classics  This site was developed by our very own Dr. Janice Siegel in the Classics Department.  It is virtual clearinghouse of resources on everything Greek and Roman.  Click on the picture to find Latin grammar explanations and drills, learn more about mythology, take a pictorial tour of Greece, Italy and much, much more.


Tennessee Bob's French Page  Check out this page for links to everything French!


Diana Hacker's Bedford Handbook offers online exercises and information in grammar, writing and research-- and much more.  You must log in and create your own password.  (A favorite resource of Professor Deal) 

Ferguson Center for Public Speaking Check out resources from the FCPS for tips on improving your oral rhetoric!


Spanish Activities Play games and learning activities, take quizzes, view results.  Log in for a free 30 day trial.

For added practice you can also visit these free sites recommended by an HSC Alumnus: and