Students that have graduated from high school and attended another institution or are currently enrolled at another college or university, will need to apply to the College as a transfer student. Transfer students may not enter as seniors, since they must complete at least four semesters of full-time study (or the equivalent) at Hampden-Sydney to satisfy degree requirements. They may enter, however, in either the fall or the spring semester of other years.

What You Need To Do

Please have the following credentials sent to the Admissions Office. We suggest that you send in the application first so that we may begin a file for you. We will mail you a confirmation letter with a checklist of those credentials we have on file for you as well as those we need to complete the process.

  • Application for admission
  • Transfer applicant supplemental form
  • Official secondary school transcript(s)
  • SAT or ACT scores (or make sure that these are listed on your secondary transcript)
  • Personal statement explaining why you wish to transfer to Hampden-Sydney College
  • Inter-college Request for Information form
  • Teacher's Confidential Reference from one of your college instructors
  • Personal Reference from someone who knows you well

Besides the required high-school credentials, transfer students should provide official transcripts of all undergraduate studies already undertaken, along with a letter of recommendation from a dean or other appropriate official. While academic work completed at the college level is a more current indicator of a student's potential success at Hampden-Sydney, the Admissions Committee will also consider the high-school record and test scores. Personal interviews are not required but are strongly encouraged.Qualified transfer students desiring to enter in the fall semester should apply by July 1. Those interested in second-semester admission should apply by December 1.

Transfer Credits

Hampden-Sydney awards transfer credit for courses which are equivalent to those available at the College. Although it isn't possible to indicate every course from another institution that may transfer to Hampden-Sydney, the following link to common Virginia Community College System courses and their Hampden-Sydney College course equivalents gives you a basic guide to transfer credit. The Registrar at the College will also be happy to review your transcript and advise you about transfer credits and the College's requirements.

Please take note of the following points:

  • All students must meet Hampden-Sydney's proficiency and distribution requirements, either as a result of their previous college work or after matriculation at Hampden-Sydney.
  • Hampden-Sydney considers a course for transfer if a student earns a grade of "C" or better (a grade of "C-" or lower earns no transfer credit).
  • Up to, but not exceeding, 60 credit hours may be given for course work similar to that offered by Hampden-Sydney which can include AP, International Baccalaureate, Dual Enrollment classes, and regular transfer credit.
  • Dual enrollment courses are treated as transfer credit.
  • Hampden-Sydney does not grant credit for distance learning or correspondence courses.
  • Transfer students who expect to receive six credit hours for composition courses taken elsewhere must take and pass the Rhetoric Proficiency Examination at the beginning of their first semester of residence.


Please feel free to visit the campus for a personal interview or you can contact the Director of Admissions, Jason Ferguson '96, at

Graham Hall 103 | Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943
(434) 223-6120 | (800) 755-0733

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