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The Silent Observer

Photographing high-end, custom-built yachts and covering sport-fishing tournaments up and down the east coast, Tom Spencer '10 has carved out a niche in the freelance photography world.

Behind Closed Doors: UPLS

The oldest student organization at HampdenSydney College, and the oldest continuous society of its kind in North America, the Union-Philanthropic Society, shortened to "UPLS" (the "L" standing for "Literary" in reference to the society's status as one of the only surviving Latin Literary Societies once popular in early-American higher education), continues to hold public debates every Sunday evening at 6 PM.

Joe Viar Gives Back

Joe Viar '63 and Bonnie Christ give back to Hampden-Sydney College with his donation to the Brinkley Hall renovation. Asked what has motivated his philanthropy to Hampden-Sydney, Joe Viar's explanation begins with his first visit to campus in 1959, spans a successful career in the tech industry, and ends with a heartfelt thank you to his alma mater.


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Matthew Reiss '06

"The core liberal arts at Hampden-Sydney, especially the Rhetoric Program, gave me the foundation to be able to process information, which I have found invaluable. The classes challenged me to an extent I hadn't experienced before, but the way the professors presented the material was incredibly engaging. Studying the liberal arts is one of the best things I could have done for myself."

Matthew Reiss '06

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