Fall 2017

September 4
Hampden District Town Hall
6:00 pm, Crawley Forum

September 9
Board of Advisors
10:00 am, Wilson Center

September 11
16 Years After: Re-Imagining A Safer World
Hal "Trey" Lackey '85, Former Intelligence Officer
7:30 pm, Crawley Forum

September  16
Law Enforcement Group
10:00 am, Wilson Center

September 17
Martin Leadership Program
American Shakespeare Center - Leadership Workshop
3:00 pm, Crawley Forum

September 19
American Shakespeare Center
The Taming of the Shrew
7:30 pm, Jarman Auditorium
Longwood University

September 20
Constitution Day 2017
Reason and Reverence in the Contemporary Political Maelstrom
Dr. Thomas Michael J. Bateman, St. Thomas University
7:30 pm Parents & Friends

September 28
Careers in National Security Session
7:30 pm, Wilson Center

October 2
America in World War I
Testing the American Way of War:Doughboys on the Western Front
Dr. Edward Lengel, White House Historical Association
7:30 pm, Crawley Forum

October 12
Ethical Leadership Series
Decoding the Complexity of Doing the "Right Thing"
Linda Fisher Thornton, University of Richmond
7:30 pm Parents & Friends

October 22
Martin Leadership Program
Emotional Intelligence
Hile Rutledge '89
3:00 pm, Wilson Center

October 20
H-SC Bar Association Meeting
Crawley Forum

October 26
PreLaw Society Lecture
The 10th Amendment & Contemporary Constitutional Jurisprudence
the Honorable Henry E. Hudson & the Honorable Randolph A. Beales
7:30 pm, Bortz Library

October 30
500th Anniversary of the Reformation
Remembering the Reformation: Anglo-American Legacies
Dr. Utzinger, Greenspan, Coombs, and Simms
7:30 pm, Crawley Forum

November 1
Nationalism in Central Europe
Professors Pontuso, Basham, Frusetta, and Rockelmann
4:00 pm, Wilson Center

November 7
Reflections on the 100th Anniversary of the Ruissian Revolution
Dr. Jim Simms & Dr. James Frusetta
4 PM, Wilson Center

November 12
Martin Leadership Program
Dr. Gail Funke - MBTI
3:00 pm, Wilson Center

November 9
2017 Founders Day
Hampden-Sydney College: Designing. Thinking. Leading.
Dr. Stephen Saunders '97
7:30 pm Chairmans Room

November 9
Veterans Day Commemoration
Noon at Memorial Gates

November 14
Annual Trip to DC

November 16
America in WWI
Blood to Ink: Literature from World War I
Dr. Alan Farrell
7:30 pm Crawley Forum

November 16, 17, 18
Model United Nations Conference
9:30 am - 2:00 pm  Snyder Hall

Spring 2018

January 25
National Security Program Lecture
Tackling American Security Challenges in the 21st Century
Brigadier General Mark O'Neill, USA (retired)
7:30 pm Crawley Forum

January 27
Board of Advisors Winter Meeting
9:30 am 

February 18
Martin Leadership Program
Leadership in the Business World
James Van Ness '93
3:00 pm Wilson Center

February 19
President's Day 2018
Lyndon Johnson, the Robert Kennedy Campaign, and the Crisis of 1968
Dr. Guian McKee, Professor of Presidential Studies
Miller Center of Public Affairs, UVA
7:30 pm Parents & Friends Lounge

February 21
Global Challenges, Global Opportunities: Foreign Policy Forum
Joel Velasco '95, Henrik Rasmussen '03 &  & Chris Kurowski '98
Trey Lackey '85 - moderator
7:30 pm Crawley Forum

February 25
Martin Leadership Program
Leadout / Organizational Simulation
Dr. Gail Funke
3 pm Crawley Forum

February 28
Washington Semester Program
Information Sessions
11:30 am Settle Hall
4:00 pm Wilson Center

March 15
The Extremes of Virginia
August Wallmeyer
7:30 pm Crawley Forum

March 21
Benefit, not Profit: A New Paradigm
Combining Best Practices from the Worlds of Philanthropy and Business
Anil Singh-Molares, Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow
7:30 pm Crawley Forum

March 27
Leadership Farmville Youth Summit
9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Bortz Library

March 25
Martin Leadership Program
The Emperor's Club
Ethical Decision Making
3 pm Wilson Center

April 20
Board of Advisors Spring Meeting
1 pm Wilson Center

April 20
James Madison Awards Banquet
5 pm Settle Hall

April 22
Martin Leadership Program
Grand Finale & Graduation
Julious P. Smith '65
5 pm Chairmans Room

June 24 - 29
Shelton Leadership Challenge
Wilson Center