Fall 2018

August 21-22
Martin Leadership Program
Leadership Workshop
By Invitation 

September 7-8
Board of Advisors
9:00 am, Wilson Center

September 11
From Terrorists to Hackers: Homeland Security Since 9/11
Jack Thomas Tomarchio
7:30 pm, Crawley Forum

September 16
Martin Leadership Program
American Shakespeare Center - Leadership Workshop
3:00 pm, Crawley Forum

September 17
Constitution Day 2018
Federalists and Anti-federalists: The Unfinished Ratification Debate
Dr. Roger Barrus
4:30 pm, Chairman's Room

September 18
American Shakespeare Center
The Winter's Tale
7:30 pm, Jarman Auditorium
Longwood University - FREE 

September 24
A Disucssion of Modern Day Slavery
FR Brian McVey '90
7:30 pm, Crawley Forum

September 28
Information Session for Parents & Students
preparing men of character for lives of consequence 
Dr. Ryan Pemberton '00, Director
3:30 pm, Wilson Center

September 27
Careers in National Security Session
7:30 pm, Wilson Center

September 27-28
H-SC Bar Association 
Crawley Forum

October 11 - Canceled due to weather
What Makes Russia Different: Does This Explain Putin?
Dr. Jim Simms, Emeritus Professor of History
4:30 pm Wilson Center

October 21
Martin Leadership Program
Emotional Intelligence
Hile Rutledge '89
3:00 pm, Brown Center

October 29
The Four Horsemen and the 1918 Influenza Pandemic: How Government Action Made a Bad Flu Worse
Dr. James Frusetta
7:30 pm Gilmer 019
November 1
The Influenza Pandemics: How a Virus with 8 Genes Can Kill Millions
Dr. Kristian Hargadon
7:30 pm Gilmer 019

November 8
2018 Founders Day
Quo Vadis? Single-Gender Colleges in the 21st Century
Dr. Thomas McDaniel '63
7:00 pm Chairmans Room

November 13
Annual Trip to DC

November 15 & 16
Model United Nations Conference
9:30 am - 2:00 pm  Snyder Hall

November 18
Martin Leadership Program
Dr. Gail Funke - MBTI
3:00 pm, Crawley Forum

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