Fall 2017

September 4
Hampden District Town Hall
6:00 pm, Crawley Forum

September 9
Board of Advisors
10:00 am, Wilson Center

September 11
16 Years After: Re-Imagining A Safer World
Hal "Trey" Lackey '85, Former Intelligence Officer
7:30 pm, Crawley Forum

September  16
Law Enforcement Group
10:00 am, Wilson Center

September 17
Martin Leadership Program
American Shakespeare Center - Leadership Workshop
3:00 pm, Crawley Forum

September 19
American Shakespeare Center
The Taming of the Shrew
7:30 pm, Jarman Auditorium
Longwood University

September 20
Constitution Day 2017
Reason and Reverence in the Contemporary Political Maelstrom
Dr. Thomas Michael J. Bateman, St. Thomas University
7:30 pm Parents & Friends

September 28
Careers in National Security Session
7:30 pm, Wilson Center

October 2
America in World War I
Testing the American Way of War:Doughboys on the Western Front
Dr. Edward Lengel, White House Historical Association
7:30 pm, Crawley Forum

October 12
Ethical Leadership Series
Decoding the Complexity of Doing the "Right Thing"
Linda Fisher Thornton, University of Richmond
7:30 pm Parents & Friends

October 22
Martin Leadership Program
Emotional Intelligence
Hile Rutledge '89
3:00 pm, Wilson Center

October 20
H-SC Bar Association Meeting
Crawley Forum

October 26
PreLaw Society Lecture
The 10th Amendment & Contemporary Constitutional Jurisprudence
the Honorable Henry E. Hudson & the Honorable Randolph A. Beales
7:30 pm, Bortz Library

October 30
500th Anniversary of the Reformation
Remembering the Reformation: Anglo-American Legacies
Dr. Utzinger, Greenspan, Coombs, and Simms
7:30 pm, Crawley Forum

November 1
Nationalism in Central Europe
Professors Pontuso, Basham, Frusetta, and Rockelmann
4:00 pm, Wilson Center

November 7
Reflections on the 100th Anniversary of the Ruissian Revolution
Dr. Jim Simms & Dr. James Frusetta
4 PM, Wilson Center

November 12
Martin Leadership Program
Dr. Gail Funke - MBTI
3:00 pm, Wilson Center

November 9
2017 Founders Day
Hampden-Sydney College: Designing. Thinking. Leading.
Dr. Stephen Saunders '97
7:30 pm Chairmans Room

November 9
Veterans Day Commemoration
Noon at Memorial Gates

November 14
Annual Trip to DC

November 16
America in WWI
Blood to Ink: Literature from World War I
Dr. Alan Farrell
7:30 pm Crawley Forum

November 16, 17, 18
Model United Nations Conference
9:30 am - 2:00 pm  Snyder Hall

January 25
National Security Program Lecture
7:30 pm Crawley Forum

January 27
Board of Advisors Winter Meeting

February 4
Martin Leadership Program
The Emperor's Club
3:00 pm Wilson Center

February 25
Martin Leadership Program
Leadership in the Business World
James Van Ness '93
3 pm Wilson Center

March 21 & 22
America in the World: Foreign Policy Symposium

March 25
Martin Leadership Program
Organizational Simulation
Dr. Gail Funke
3 pm Crawley Forum

April 20
Board of Advisors Spring Meeting
1 pm Wilson Center

April 20
James Madison Awards Banquet
5 pm Settle Hall

April 22
Martin Leadership Program
Grand Finale & Graduation
Julious P. Smith '65
5 pm Chairmans Room

June 24 - 29
Shelton Leadership Challenge
Wilson Center