Spring 2017

January 4
22nd District Candidates Forum
Co-Sponsored by Farmville Herald
7:00 pm, Johns Auditorium

January 21
Board of Advisors
10:00 am, Wilson Center

January 31
National Security Threats Facing the New President
LTG William "Jerry" Boykin (USA Ret)
7:30 pm, Crawley Forum

February 12
FLP - Organizational Simulation
Dr. Gail Funke
3:00 pm, Crawley Forum

February 20
President's Day Lecture
Woodrow Wilson: A New Politics for a New Freedom
Drs. Barrus, Emmons & Lehman
Dr. John Eastby, Moderator
7:30 pm, Crawley Forum

March 26
FLP - Leading in the Work Place
James Van Ness '93
3:00 pm Wilson Center

April 10-13
Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow
Jeffrey Ball

April 21
Patrick Henry Awards Banquet
5:30 pm, Settle Hall

June 2-4
Alumni Summer College

June 25 - 30
Shelton Leadership Challenge