Welcome! The Office of Student Affairs is here to assist you. Our office includes the staff in the Brown Student Center, the Wellness and Counselling Centers, the Department of Public Safety and Police, and the Chaplain's Office.

Dean of Students
Robert Sabbatini
Brown Student Center 306 | (434) 223-6127

Associate Dean of Students for Student Engagement & Judicial Affairs
Richard Pantele '13
Brown Student Center 305 | (434) 223-6043

Associate Dean of Students for Housing and Residence Life
John Hollemon
Brown Student Center 301 | (434) 223-7154 

Director of Student Affairs Operations and Civic Engagement
Sandy Cooke
Brown Student Center 304 | (434) 223-6340

Director of Student Health Center
Beth Graham
The Wellness Center | (434) 223-6167 

Director of Counseling
Betty Blevins
The Wellness Center | (434) 223-6320 

Assistant Dean of Students for Substance Education
Shawn White
Brown Student Center 307 | (434) 223-6318

College Chaplain
Rev. M. Keith Leach
College Church | (434) 223-6269 

Director of High Adventure
Scott Schmolesky
Brown Student Center 303 | (434) 223-6717

Area Coordinator for Room Assignments & Greek Life
Andrew Marshall '17
Brown Student Center 309 | (434) 223-6667

Area Coordinator for Equity, Inclusion, and Programming
Nicole Alston
Brown Student Center 302 | (434) 223-6384

Administrative Assistant
Patty Townsend
Brown Student Center 308 | (434) 223-6128

Special Projects Secretary
Dottie Fahrner
Brown Student Center 310 | (434) 223-6221

Academic Affairs Staff

Dean of the Faculty
Dr. "Mike" McDermott, 434-223-6112

Associate Dean of the Faculty
Dr. Jennifer Vitale, 434-223-6118

Director for Academic Success
Ms. Lisa Burns, 434-223-6188

Director of Honors Program
Dr. Michael Wolyniak, 434-223-6175

Director of Living & Learning Community Program
Dr. James Frusetta, 434-223-7206

Disabilities Services Coordinator
Ms. Teresa Laughlin, 434-223-6324

Administrative Offices

Athletics Office, (434) 223-6151

Billing Questions, (434) 223-6223

Business Office, (434) 223-6216

Campus Computing, (434) 223-6911

Counseling Services, (434) 223-6411

Disabilities Services, (434) 223-6324

Financial Aid, (434) 223-6119

Office of the Registrar, (434) 223-6203


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Student Care Team

To express a concern about a student, please send an email to  careteam@hsc.edu or contact a member of the Student CARE Team individually.

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