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Hampden-Sydney College is a welcoming and inclusive community that supports both diversity and freedom of speech. The College values diversity as the expression of human similarities and differences. An educational environment favorable to learning, respect, acceptance, understanding, and global awareness is vital to our mission: to form good men and good citizens in an atmosphere of sound learning. Actions and words, whether written or spoken, that embarrass, target, or threaten others because of their race, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, occupation, national origin, physical or intellectual ability level, socioeconomic status, or ethnic group hurt all of us. Insensitivity to any individual or group betrays the spirit of the liberal arts. Hampden-Sydney College is committed to an inclusive structure that is coordinated and integrated, that celebrates all forms of diversity, and that ensures equitable educational and social benefits for all.

The Office of Equity and Inclusion serves as the campus hub for positive interactions with people from all cultures and backgrounds. Our mission is to equip all students to cultivate meaningful and diverse relationships, to support students from minority groups, and to promote a culture of inclusion and respect on campus. We coordinate educational, cultural, and social programs throughout the academic year that

  • advocate for and support the development and achievement of underrepresented students,
  • encourage the development of academic, leadership, and cultural identity competencies among members of the Hampden-Sydney community, and
  • promote inclusivity and respect for issues pertaining to race, class, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.

Intercultural Affairs Committee (IAC)
The IAC is made up of faculty, student, and staff representatives for the purpose of facilitating discussion of issues related to diversity on campus. The goals are to provide a campus forum for the discussion of intercultural issues, programs, opportunities, and problems; to identify the needs of and provide institutional support to minority students both individually and as a group; and to sponsor on-campus programs and other vehicles to help educate all students as to the nature of the changing world about us. Contact Caroline Emmons

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Feedback

The Office of Equity and Inclusion is committed to fostering an inclusive environment in our classrooms, residence halls, offices and all interactions among community members on-campus. We invite anyone to submit feedback that will support the active process of achieving an environment where campus community members and guests feel heard, seen, and validated. Please share your perspectives of and experiences at H-SC. Your feedback will help identify what is going well, concerns that need attention, and what efforts need to be clarified or expanded in our DEI programming including policy changes and ways we can foster and create a more inclusive climate.

Feedback Form

Equity and Inclusion Annual Event Guide

  • First-generation student dinner (by invitation): August
  • SafeZone trainings: annual
  • Hispanic Heritage Month: September 15-October 15
  • Native American Heritage Month: November
  • Martin Luther King Day: January
  • Black History Month: February
  • Minority Alumni Mentorship Weekend: spring
  • Hampden-Sydney Pride Month: April

Newsletter and Blog

Culture is a publication of the H-SC Office of Equity and Inclusion. It provides up-to-date information about diversity-related events, news, and policies.

Read Culture

John Hollemon and Nicole Alston

John Hollemon, Dean of Inclusive Excellence and Nicole Alston, Area Coordinator for Equity, Inclusion, and Programming

Gender and Sexual Orientation

A SafeZone is a space dedicated to ensuring that people can be their authentic selves without fear of judgment or exclusion, with an emphasis on the LGBTQ+ community. Many faculty and staff on campus have gone through SafeZone training and have turned their offices into SafeZones. The following is a list of faculty and staff who are SafeZone trained and display the SafeZone logo, as well as their office locations:

  • Safe Zone logoNicole Alston, (Brown Student Center 302)
  • Elizabeth Blevins, (Counseling Center 2)
  • Lisa Burns (Bortz Library 231)
  • Sue Carter (Cabell House 201)
  • Maryska Connolly-Brown (Bortz Library 415)
  • Nick Deifel (Gilmer Hall 218)
  • LeeAnna Early, (Counseling Center 3)
  • James Frusetta (Maples Hall 6)
  • Ivo Gyurovski (Bagby Hall 223)
  • John Hollemon (Brown Student Center 301)
  • Shaunna Hunter (Bortz Library 201)
  • Stephanie Joynes (Brown Student Center 209D)
  • Kate Lynch (Bortz Library 238)
  • Victor Szabo (Brinkley Hall 007)
  • Patty Townsend (Brown Student Center 308)
  • Alfonso Varona (Bagby Hall 314)
  • Jennifer Vitale (Atkinson Hall 301)
  • Helena von Rueden (Brinkley Hall 015)
  • Shawn White (Brown Student Center 307)
  • Daniella Widdows (Bagby Hall 203)
  • Tamara Wright (Bagby Hall 204)

Unity ALLiance
Founded in 2006, the Unity Alliance is a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Ally (GLBTQA) group. The UA works on leadership development, creating a support program, and establishing a safer, more inclusive GLBTQA-friendly campus. Contact Nicole Alston

International Students

Hampden-Sydney College welcomes international students from all over the globe. We can help you obtain information about international student on-campus activities and groups, student visas, employment, and other immigration issues and policies.

International Club
The International Club was founded to enrich and cultivate a sense of cultural diversity within the Hampden-Sydney Community.  Its goal is to foster good relationships through cultural awareness. The club is open to all regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation. International Club Contact: Rachel Goodman

International Student Contacts
Jason Ferguson, Director of Admissions (Graham Hall Second Floor)
Daniella Widdows, Director of Global Education (Bagby Hall 203)

International Students

Mentorship & Support Groups

Brother4Brother Mentorship Program
Brother4Brother is a mentoring program comprised of upperclassmen who provide personal, academic, and social mentoring for freshman students at Hampden-Sydney College. Contact John Hollemon

Step Up!
This is a national bystander intervention training program to help students learn strategies and techniques to intervene directly and indirectly in emergency and non-emergency situations. Contact Shawn White

Minority Groups

Minority Student Union
The Minority Student Union is a group that has open membership to all students of Hampden-Sydney College. It works to bring to campus programs that address diversity issues. The MSU consistently sponsors educational, cultural, and social events that offer enrichment to the community. Contact Abigail Horne

Religious and Spiritual Organizations

Hampden-Sydney College welcomes students of all faiths. We encourage you to strengthen your own faith tradition, ask tough questions in a safe environment, explore the traditions of others, and serve in ways that make our college, community, and world a better place.

Spiritual Life

Students with Disabilities

Please visit the Office of Academic Success for information about the College's Disability Services and accomodations for students.

Lisa Burns, Director for Academic Success
LeeAnna Early, Interim Director of Counseling/Counselor
Kimberly Ball, Director of Student Health Center
Melissa Wood, Title IX & 504 Coordinator, Disability Services

Disability Services



Heterogeneity across members of the campus community with regard to observable and unobservable characteristics. These characteristics include but are not limited to race, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, occupation, national origin, physical or intellectual ability level, socioeconomic status, or ethnic group, and any other of the myriad personal characteristics that differentiate human beings. Diversity at Hampden-Sydney College also encompasses diversity of ideas, beliefs, and values. This diversity is both a precursor to and a direct consequence of recruitment, admissions, and hiring.


The quality of the College's climate and culture that welcomes and respects everyone, that encourages growth and success in members of the community, and that embraces and celebrates differences across individual members. Inclusiveness is reflected in the cultural values and norms of the College; the individual attitudes and behaviors of members of the campus community; and the policies and procedures of the College to ensure that all members are supported equally and equitably. An inclusive organization respects everyone and achieves excellence, at least in part, by building upon its diversity.

Duncan Keefe '19

A Hampden-Sydney education extends far beyond the confines of a classroom: Computer Science major Duncan Keefe '19 traveled to France and Luxembourg as a production assistant for American Rifleman Television.

Duncan Keefe ’19


John Hollemon
Dean of Inclusive Excellence
Brown Student Center 301
Hampden Sydney, VA 23943
jhollemon@hsc.edu | (434) 223-7154

Nicole Alston
Area Coordinator for Equity, Inclusion, and Programming
Brown Student Center 302
nalston@hsc.edu | 434-223-6384

Ahmad Rudd
Coordinator of Athletic Diversity & Inclusion
Kirby Field House 201
arudd@hsc.edu | (434) 223-6402

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