Prospective International Students

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For questions about admisssions, please contact:

Admissions Office 
Graham Hall, Second Floor 
Contact: Jason Ferguson, Director of Admissions 
Phone: (434) 223-6327 

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New International Students 

We look forward to meeting you soon! Both the International Student Orientation and New Student Orientation are mandatory for all new International students. The International Student Orientation begins two days earlier than the orientation for all new students and is designed to address concerns specific to International students. During these two days, the college will provide you with important information about maintaining your visa status, campus employment oppotunities, and other issues related to living and studying at Hampden-Sydney College. 

Department of State Visa Home Page
For questions about the visa process at Hampden-Sydney, please contact the Director of Global Education: Daniella Widdows, Director; phone number (434) 223-6311; email

Please do read through our International Student Handbook before arriving on campus.

Current International Students

You have joined an elite group of men to study at this highly-ranked institution. Founded in 1775, the College is rich in history and heritage and is the 10th oldest college in the United States. We hope that you enjoy your time here.  This site is set up to help you obtain information about international student on-campus activities and groups, Student Visas, employment and other immigration issues and policies.For comprehensive information regarding being an International Student at Hampden-Sydney college, please refer to the International Student Handbook. For your convenience, answers to frequently asked questions are listed below.

Questions about Tuition or other School Fees

Admissions Office 

Graham Hall, Second Floor 
Contact: Jason Ferguson, Director of Admissions 
Phone: (434) 223-6327 

Business Office 
Cabell House 
Contact: Marianne Catron, Student Accounts Manager
Phone: (434) 223-6223 

Financial Aid Office
Bush House, 001 
Contact: Zita Barree, Director of Financial Aid 
Phone: (434) 223-6265 

Legal Information

Information about F-1 Visas
F-1 students must take a full-time course load at the college. I-20 forms will be issued to students wishing to apply for an F-1 visa and must remain current.

Mandatory Insurance
International students on non-immigrant visas (such ast the F-1 visa) are required to purchase a Mandatory International Plan offered by the College, unless proof of comparable coverage is submitted.  Students will be automatically enrolled in and billed for the College insurance.  To print out your UnitedHealthCare ID card, create an account on the Gallagher webpage (left side of page):

Working while a student
As a student in the U.S. on an F-1 visa, students may not work on campus more than 20 hours a week when college is in session.  To work on campus students must obtain a social security number.  Students with F-1 visas are not allowed to work off campus.

Where to look for on campus job openings

  • Human Resources Office
  • Check with professors directly
  • Ask around the different College offices

Documents Required for Employment

  • Employment application (available from Human Resources Office)
  • Social Security card (see Human Resources Office for procedures)
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification (distributed by Human Resources)
  • W-4 Tax Withholding Certificate (distributed by Human Resources)
  • State Tax Withholding Certificate (distributed by Human Resources)
  • I-94 Card
  • SEVIS I-20
  • Passport

Maintaining your legal status while enrolled at Hampden-Sydney College

  • Students must maintain full-time enrollment with a minimum of 12 hours; a reduced course load is permitted in special cases.  Contact the Office of Global Education for more information.
  • Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • Hold a valid I-20 form and passport at all times while in the U.S.

Travel outside of the United States and reentry

  • Obtain travel endorsement on I-20 from Office of Global Education before leaving the United States.
  • Obtain visa to destination country if necessary.
  • Have valid U.S. visa in passport at the time of re-entry.

Extension of stay

  • Students may obtain an extension if more time is needed to finish their program of study or start a new program.
  • Request an extension of your I-20 before your current I-20 expires.

Lost or Stolen Visas
It is important to contact your country's embassy immediately if you suspect that your passport has been lost or stolen.

Renewing Your Passport
An international passport can be renewed in the U.S. through the Embassy of your country of citizenship.

Other Useful Information

Help with Rhetoric- Contact Dr. Schooling

Last updated: August 18, 2017

As an international student you get a proper introduction among a very intimate community of people. Being in the countryside of Virginia feels like a real American experience.

Henrik Rasmussen ’03