Drawing of Hampden-Sydney College new residence hallConstruction of a new upperclassman residence hall complex began in July 2019 and was completed for occupancy  in August, 2020.

Located on a circular drive recently named Garland Lane in honor of retired Dean of Admissions Anita Garland, the 38,000-square-foot complex is positioned in the woods to the west of Whitehouse Quadrangle. Apartment-style residence halls and a community building overlooking Chalgrove will be linked by footpaths and a central courtyard area that harnesses the location’s natural beauty.

Student leaders offered feedback throughout the planning process; as a result, the complex will include complete kitchens and separate living rooms—amenities in which upperclassmen have expressed interest. The five residence hall buildings will house approximately 150 students.

Red brick foundations will support taupe and moss green plank siding topped by the traditional metal roofs found in Southside Virginia—choices inspired by the College’s original wood clapboard buildings and historic buildings like Estcourt, Thornton Place, and the Birthplace, where final plans for the opening of Hampden-Sydney College were made in 1775.

  • view of the new residence hall in the trees and its courtyard at Hampden-Sydney College
  • a path leading up to new residence hall buildings at Hampden-Sydney College
  • a community firepit and courtyard in the new residence hall buildingat Hampden-Sydney College
  • the community building in the trees at the new residence hall buildings at Hampden-Sydney College
  • the furnished interior of the new community building at Hampden-Sydney College
  • the view of the pond from the new community building at the new residence hall buildings at Hampden-Sydney College
  • Aerial view of new residence halls at Hampden-Sydney College

    aerial view of new residence hall complex from the south


  • Create a community of lodging for men, including both attractive living room spaces within each apartment as well as large porches, outdoor gathering areas, and a community center that will complement and enhance the Hampden Sydney brotherhood.
  • Offer an informal “cabins in the woods” feeling.
  • Build on both historic precedent and regional vernacular; key architectural references are:
    • The college’s original buildings, which had wood clapboard siding
    • The Birthplace
    • Estcourt
    • Thornton Place
  • Capitalize on the wooded setting and proximity to Lake Chalgrove.
  • Respect the scale of adjacent Whitehouse residence hall.


  • Five Apartment Buildings (mix of 2 and 3 stories)
  • 17 2 Bedroom Apartments
  • 14 3 Bedroom Apartments
  • 149 total beds (including three RA’s)
  • 2 ADA (accessible) units
  • One Community Building (single story)

Total of 38,000 square feet