Steeped in tradition, Hampden-Sydney's unique campus atmosphere will help you develop close-knit relationships within a lifelong brotherhood. Guided by the honor code, you'll have opportunities to become a leader, enrich your spiritual life, and better understand your peers. 

We provide a small, close-knit, and trusting community where you will be surrounded by men and women who are your guiding champions through the transformative experience of life on The Hill.

It’s such an intimate community, so it doesn’t allow anyone to hide. It gives you the ability to connect with people. Walking around and greeting everyone from the president of the college to the janitors taught me a lot about developing relationships, and that has paid off exponentially in the way that I have grown in my career.

Caleb Varner ’02


With more than 240 years of experience, Hampden-Sydney knows a little something about tradition. Some traditions here are informal, such as the polite greetings between all community members on the sidewalk, or the ties and sundresses you'll find dotting the Hill during football games. Other traditions at Hampden-Sydney are more consequential, such as the moment when each freshman signs the honor code bearing witness to a sacred and solemn pledge. These traditions undoubtedly reinforce the bonds of the Hampden-Sydney brotherhood.

Honor & Conduct


Lifelong friendships are not just a side effect of the Hampden-Sydney experience—they are the foundation of the College's culture and the cornerstone of its brotherhood.


Leadership Opportunities

Leadership comes in many forms, but all of them will strengthen your ability to work effectively with others and to make a difference in your community, your workplace, and the world.


Spiritual life

H-SC welcomes students of all faiths, enabling you to ask tough questions in a safe environment and to explore the traditions of others.

Spiritual Life

Culture and Inclusion

Hampden-Sydney College is a welcoming and inclusive community that supports both diversity and freedom of speech. The College values diversity as the expression of human similarities and differences. It is committed to an inclusive structure that is coordinated and integrated, that celebrates all forms of diversity, and that ensures equitable educational and social benefits for all.

Culture and Inclusion

Ben Skinner '23

In his entrepreneurship class at Hampden-Sydney, Ben Skinner ’23 developed a plan to open a boat dealership on the Chesapeake Bay. COVID-19 had other plans, however, and the enterprising student “turned lemons into lemonade.”

Ben Skinner '23

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Student Affairs Staff