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Core Curriculum Checklist (Pre Fall 2016) Core Curriculum - expanded (Pre Fall 2016)
Core Curriculum Checklist (2016-2017) Core Curriculum - expanded (2016-2017)
Core Curriculum Checklist (2017-2018) Core Curriculum - expanded (2017-2018)
Core Curriculum Checklist (2018-2019) Core Curriculum - expanded (2018-2019)
Core Curriculum Checklist (2019-2020) Core Curriculum - expanded (2019-2020)
Registration Planning Worksheet 4-Year Planning Worksheet
Daily Class Schedule
Majors Minors Chair or Contact
Applied Mathematics   Dr. Brian Lins
  Asian Studies Dr. Eric Dinmore
  Astronomy Drs. Bloom & Keohane
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology   Dr. Michael J. Wolyniak
Dr. Nicholas P. Deifel
Biology Biology Dr. Kristian Hargadon
Chemistry Chemistry Dr. Nicholas P. Deifel
Classical Studies  Classical Studies Dr. Jennifer Vitale
Computer Science Computer Science Dr. Lins and Hemler
  Creative Writing Dr. Nathaniel D. Perry
Economics   Dr. Gregory M. Dempster
Economics & Business      Dr. Gregory M. Dempster
Engineering Physics 2017-18
Engineering Physics 2019-20
  Dr. Hugh O. Thurman, III
English pre 19-20
English 19-20
  Dr. Nathaniel D. Perry
  Environmental Studies 15-16
Environmental Studies 19-20
Dr. Celia Carroll Jones
Foreign Affairs   Dr. Warner Winborne
French pre 19-20
French 19-20
French 16-17
French 17-18
French 19-20
Dr. Renée M. Severin
German pre 19-20
German 19-20
German 16-17
German 17-18
German 19-20
Dr. Dirk Johnson
Government   Dr. Warner Winborne
Greek  Greek Dr. Jennifer Vitale
Greek and Latin    Dr. Jennifer Vitale
History History Dr. James W. Frusetta
Interdisciplinary Majors Dr. Jennifer Vitale
Latin  Latin Dr. Jennifer Vitale
  Latin American Studies Dr. Kenneth D. Lehman
  Law & Public Policy Dr. Warner Winborne
  Leadership in the Public Interest Lt. Col. L. Rucker Snead
Mathematical Economics   Dr. Gregory M. Dempster
Mathematics Mathematics Dr. Brian Lins
  Military Leadership and National Security Dr. Ryan M. Pemberton
Music 16-17
Music 17-18
Music 19-20
Dr. Helena von Rueden
National Security Studies Dr. Ryan M. Pemberton
Neuroscience (pending staffing) Dr. G. Daniel Weese
Philosophy   Dr. Marc A. Hight 
Physics 16-17
Physics 17-18
Physics 19-20
  Dr. Hugh O. Thurman, III
Psychology 15-16
Psychology 16-17
  Dr. Daniel G. Mossler
Religion Religion Dr. J. Michael Utzinger
  Rhetoric Dr. Katherine J. Weese
Spanish pre 19-20
Spanish 19-20
Spanish 16-17
Spanish 17-18
Spanish 19-20
Dr. Julia E. Palmer (Dept. Chair)
Theatre pre 18-19
Theatre 18-19
Theatre 19-20
Theatre Prof. Matt Dubroff (Dept. Chair)
Visual Arts Visual Arts Prof. Pam Fox