1. Purpose.
The purpose of this policy is to establish guidance and procedures for visitors to Hampden-Sydney College ("the College").  The College and its facilities are privately owned and not public property.    

2. Definitions.
a. A "visitor" is defined as any person who is not a currently enrolled student at the College, alumnus, faculty, staff, campus resident, contractor personnel working on campus, or public utility/cable/telephone employee.  Emergency first-response personnel (police, fire, emergency medical technicians, and other emergency responders) are not considered to be visitors while on duty or performing emergency duties.      
b. The College "campus" is defined as all grounds, buildings, facilities, and other real estate and property owned, leased, or under the control and jurisdiction of the College. 

3. Policy.
a. Access to Campus

(1) General Public.  Visitors may enter the campus from sunrise to sunset daily.  Campus visitors may enter academic buildings, athletic facilities, and other facilities only during normal business hours, or in accordance with published facility hours and policies.  Visitors may not enter College student residence halls, fraternities, and other living spaces unless they are guests of students residing in those locations or have written authorization from the Office of Student Affairs.  Visitors under eighteen years old must be accompanied by an adult, unless on a College-sanctioned visitation.  

(2) On-Campus Events.  Visitors may attend academic, athletic, and other events on campus, and will be admitted subject to parking availability, seating capacity, invitation, and other restrictions.

(3) Community Use of Athletic Facilities for Recreation.  Recreational use of campus athletic facilities for walking, jogging, bicycling, outdoor courts and fields, and indoor facilities is allowed, subject to the time restrictions above and in accordance with the Athletic Facilities Rental Policy and other policies established by the Athletics Department and Tiger Recreation Fitness & Sports ("TigeRec").  Application, release of liability, and certificate of insurance forms and payments should be submitted to the College Business Operations Manager seven (7) days in advance of use of facilities.  Recreational use may not interfere with scheduled campus events.  At all times, the College's students have priority for the use of facilities.

(4) Restricted Areas.  Visitors are not allowed in areas with machinery in operation, construction sites, private homes or residences owned by the College (unless invited and/or in a guest capacity), restricted access locations such as faculty/student laboratories (unless authorized by faculty), emergency incidents, and other places deemed to be "off limits" by campus authorities, including College officials and the Department of Security and Police.

(5) Friends and Children of Employees.  Work-site visits by friends, children, or other relatives of employees should be limited to casual visits of short duration.  It is inappropriate, other than in a valid family emergency, to bring children to the workplace.

b. Standards of Conduct

(1)   The College is an institution of higher learning.  Any activity detrimental to the academic mission of the College is prohibited.

(2)   All persons on College property are required to abide by College policies and shall identify themselves upon request to College officials, police officers, or appropriate College employees acting in the performance of their duties.

(3)   Visitors are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with federal, state, and local laws.

(4)   Visitors are expected to be appropriately dressed.  Shirts and shoes are required at all times.  Clothing bearing obscene, lewd, or inflammatory messages, or other apparel which may be disrespectful of or detract from the decorum, tradition, and reputation of the College is prohibited, and may subject the wearer to removal from the campus.

4. Office of Primary Responsibility
a. Responsible Department: Office of the President

5. The possession or carrying of any weapon by any person other than a law enforcement officer, including licensed and non-licensed firearms, is prohibited at any time while on College owned, leased, operated, or controlled property. The College retains the final authority to evaluate potential dangers and what constitutes a weapon. A visitor who violates this policy will be subject to removal from campus and being barred from campus.

As of: November 20, 2014
Amendments: March 31, 2016
Section 5: October 4, 2018