The Asian Studies Minor consists of the following requirements:

A minimum of eighteen hours to be chosen from at least three of the Departments of Modern Languages, History, Fine Arts, Government and Foreign Affairs, and Religion. The most typical configuration is six hours of language and twelve hours selected from at least two other disciplines, but it is also possible to do eighteen hours of coursework selected from at least three different disciplines, with a restriction of nine hours maximum in a single discipline counting towards the minor. Students electing to pursue this minor develop their course of study in consultation with their major advisor and the Asian Studies advisor, Professor Harris.

One course is to be a three hour 495 independent study taken in one of the above disciplines. This course serves as a “capstone” experience and its product is a twenty page research paper or its equivalent. The capstone paper is evaluated by the director of the independent study and the Asian Studies advisor.

An immersion experience, approved by the Asian Studies advisor, in language study and/or cultural study is strongly recommended.

Courses that count towards the Asian Studies minor include the following:
CHIN 101-102 (Introduction to Chinese); CHIN 201-202 (Intermediate Chinese); THE 201 (Asian Theatre); GVFA 225 (Government and Politics of the Middle East); GVFA 226 (Government and Politics of Asia); HIST 205-206 (East Asia); HIST 207-208 (Middle East Survey); HIST (East Asia in the Age of Imperialism); HIST (East Asia in Revolution); HIST 345 (The Mongol Expansion); HIST 346 (Samurai Culture in Japanese History); RELI 103 (Introduction to World Religions); RELI 202 (Religions of South Asia); RELI 203 (Religions of East Asia); RELI 204 (Islam); RELI 405 (Seminar in World Religions).

Courses not on this list may count towards the minor, subject to the approval of the Asian Studies advisor.

Core curriculum courses may be used to satisfy the requirements for this minor.

updated 8/8/23

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