The online application process for Hampden-Sydney is painless. Use the H-SC Online Application or the Common Application and choose which Admission Plan is best for you. You may apply as early as August 1, 2023 for the Fall 2024 semester.  

Applying online is quick and painless.

High School Applicant

Hampden-Sydney Application

Common Application

You will need to send the following after submitting your application:

  • Standardized Tests: SAT (Code #5291) or ACT (Code #4356)
    • test-optional available for classes entering the fall of 2023 and 2024
  • Official High School Transcript
  • Counselor Recommendation
  • Teacher Recommendation
  • Early Decision Agreement (for Early Decision applicants)

What is my deadline?

Early Decision I (November 1) 
If Hampden-Sydney is your first-choice school, this is the best way to apply. You'll know quickly whether or not you've been accepted and won't have to spend your senior year worrying about applying to other colleges or waiting for those acceptance letters. Early decision is a binding agreement which means you're expected to attend H-SC if you're accepted and receive an adequate financial aid package.

Early Action I (October 15) and Early Action II (December 1)
This is a good choice if you want to get the college application process finished early but not ready to make a commitment yet. You will need to make your college choice by May 1.

Regular Decision (February 15)
This is your last chance to apply to H-SC for fall admission. This is usually the most competitive round of admission at H-SC. If accepted, you have until May 1 to decide whether or not you wish to attend.

Test Optional Policy for the class entering the fall of 2024

Due to disruptions caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, Hampden-Sydney College will offer a test-optional admission policy for the class entering the fall of 2024.

We understand that this is an uncertain and difficult time with the cancellation of College Board and ACT test dates this past spring. We do not want that uncertainty or the possibility of postponement of future test dates to add undue stress to the admission process for our applicants.

Hampden-Sydney College has always believed that the measure of your intelligence and potential requires a deeper look. We know that your life experiences, work-ethic, and future aspirations all play a role in the man you are and the man you wish to become. That is why we believe so strongly in the interview process. While all prospective applicants are encouraged to take the SAT or ACT and submit their standardized test scores as a part of their admission file, students may apply for admission without submitting standardized test scores and will not be penalized.

If you chose to apply via our test optional plan, you must confirm your intent to do so on your application for admission. Your application will not be considered unless you submit your college essay and you will be required to interview with a member of the Office of Admission. There are some exceptions to the test-optional policy. International students who need to demonstrate English proficiency and homeschooled students may still be required to submit scores from the appropriate test.

Hampden-Sydney College remains committed to evaluating the whole person.

Entrance Requirements & Student Profile

  • Prospective students are expected to have mastered a solid college-preparatory program before entering Hampden-Sydney, including at least
    • four units of English
    • two units of one foreign language
    • three units of mathematics (Algebra I & II and Geometry)
    • two units of natural science (one of which must be a laboratory course) and
    • one unit of social science
    • a third unit of foreign language and a fourth unit of mathematics recommended
  • SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT 
  • Mid 50%: SAT 1020-1220, ACT 21-27
  • GPA: 3.0-3.8


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Financial Aid Information

H-SC has a need-based program to help families who cannot afford the total cost of the College, as well as a scholarship program. Call us at (800) 755-0733.

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Admission Office

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