Private music lessons are available in voice, piano, guitar, bass guitar, violin, viola, clarinet, saxophone, and traditional Japanese instruments and practices in kotsuzumi, ôtsuzumi, taiko, and utai. These lessons are typically taught once a week for 30 minutes, scheduled individually, and count for 1 academic credit toward graduation for each semester that you enroll. There is an additional fee of $355 to take part in the program. Additional information can be found on TigerWeb, under course MUSI 270.

Contact Professor von Rueden for more information.   

Matthew Dubroff headshot

Matthew R. Dubroff

Kotsuzumi, Ôtsuzumi, Taiko, and Utai



Lisa Edwards-Burrs headshotLisa Edwards-Burrs




Tray Eppes headshotTray Eppes

Guitar and Bass Guitar



Charles Kinzer headshotCharles Kinzer

Clarinet and Saxophone



Lisa Kinzer headshot Lisa Kinzer




Students interested in taking private music lessons in flute, percussion, trumpet, French horn, or low brass for academic credit can do so at Longwood University by enrolling through the Longwood University Cooperative Program. The lessons cost $355 per semester, take place weekly, last a half hour, and count for one credit. Interested students should contact immediately the professor who teaches the instrument they would like to learn. If the professor can take you on as a student, you will need to fill out paperwork with the H-SC registrar.

Instructors at Longwood:
Elizabeth Brightbill, Flute (
J. Chris Thomas, Percussion (
Marcus Grant: Trumpet and French Horn (
Kevin Callahan: euphonium and trombone (