Professors Blackman, Coombs, Dinmore, Emmons; Associate Professors Frusetta, Greenspan, Hulbert; Assistant Professors Pagliarini, Stephan.
Chair: Robert H. Blackman

The requirements for a major in History are 33 hours in History courses, including 6 hours in United States history, 6 hours in European history, and 6 hours in areas outside of Europe and the United States (to be selected from History 203, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 221, 303, 322, 324, 325, 326, 345, and 346). History 299, History 499, and 9 elective hours comprise the remainder of the major.

No more than six hours of courses at the 100-level in History and no more than eighteen hours of courses at the 200-level (including History 299) may be applied toward the major. At least nine hours must be taken at the 300/400 level (including History 499).

All 300- and 400-level courses are open only to juniors and seniors, though underclassmen may enroll with the consent of the instructor.

Students are encouraged to develop individualized majors in consultation with a member of the department. Such a major would give a student a thorough foundation in history while offering him the opportunity to pursue topics of interest in related disciplines.

The History minor consists of eighteen hours in History department courses. Of these eighteen hours, at least six hours must be earned at the 300/400 level, and no more than six hours at the 100-level. Courses satisfying the minor are also to be distributed among the areas of American, European, and non-American/non- European history. Minors must take at least three credit hours in each of these areas and no more than nine credit hours of the required eighteen in any one area. Core curriculum courses may be used to satisfy the requirements for this minor.

History Course Catalogue

updated 7/28/22