Professors Hight, Wilson; Assistant Professor Dale.
Chair: Patrick A. Wilson

The requirements for a Philosophy major are Philosophy 102, 201, 210, 211 or 212, 304 or 305, two Capstone Seminars (411-413),  and an additional 9 hours in the discipline (30 total hours). Interdisciplinary majors involving philosophy may be developed and pursued with the approval of the departments concerned.

Advice for Philosophy Majors

  • Students are welcome to become majors and double-majors at virtually any point in their undergraduate careers. One does not have to decide on philosophy immediately; we have majors declare as late as their junior year.  
  • Even if the student is only contemplating a major in philosophy, have them seek out a member of the department to serve as a guide as early as possible.  
  • If feasible, try to take Phil 210 (Ancient) in a fall semester followed by either Phil 302 (Rationalists) or Phil 303 (Empiricists) in the spring term of the same academic year.
  • Phil 303 (19th century philosophy) or Phil 304 (20th century philosophy) can be taken at any time. We advise majors to take these after at least one prior history course, although this is not necessary.
  • Plan ahead to fit Phil 412/413 (Junior/Senior Seminar) into your schedule. The course is offered each spring. See the department for more information on what the course topics are.
  • If students wish to see a special topics course offered (one not normally taught), remind them that they can ask the department to teach the course, but that such requests must be made at least one academic year in advance and should have some support from other students. 
  • Independent studies and directed readings courses are always possibilities within the department, again with sufficient notice.
  • Philosophy is ideal as a second "double" major and welcomed. If a student decides on a double-major and lists philosophy as the second major please have them consult a member of the department to assist them with the philosophy requirements.  

Philosophy Course Catalogue

updated 8/8/23