The Davis Fellowship Application Guidelines and Procedures

The Davis Fellowship recognizes potential, more than the traditional measures of success, which may have been limited by cultural, environmental, family, or financial circumstances. The Fellowship is a full-tuition scholarship and is awarded every other year (offered in even-numbered years) to one member of the class matriculating at Hampden-Sydney College.

  1. Selected qualified applicants for admission will be invited to submit an application for the Davis Fellowship by the Dean of Admissions.  Candidates cannot self-select for the Fellowship, but can be nominated.

    Nomination Form

  2.  Guidelines for qualification
    1. In his high school years, the applicant for the Davis Fellowship will have demonstrated intellectual competence, energy, competitive instincts, and passion in an area of special interest, whether that be in intellectual achievements, the arts, the sciences, student leadership positions, extracurricular activities, civic affairs, community service, or other endeavors.
    2. He will have the drive and tenacity to endure hardship in pursuit of personal goals, and will be a competitor and risk-taker.
    3. He will have shown compassion for those around him, especially for those with whom he lives and works.
    4. In college and after, he will use the skills and standards of his liberal education to reach high levels of performance and leadership in society.
    5. The Davis Fellowship recognizes potential, as identified by a teacher, minister, or coach, more than the traditional measures of success, which may have been limited by cultural, environmental, family, or financial circumstances
  3. Prior to January 15, all Applications for Admission will screened by the Admissions Staff for possible Davis Fellows.
  4. On February 1, any applicant (approximately 15) deemed as a possible candidate for the Davis Fellow will be sent a letter by the Dean of Admissions as well as a copy of that letter sent to the Guidance Counselor at his high school inviting him to submit an application for the Fellowship.
  5. The Application will consist of three parts:
    1. A curriculum vitae with a summary of academic achievements and experiences.
    2. An essay documenting his breadth of interests and academic work, as well as a plan for his future career that shows why he would be a strong candidate for the Fellowship.
    3. A letter of recommendation from a person of his choice further documenting his qualifications for the Fellowship, in a sealed and signed envelope.
  6. All material should be sent in the same envelope and postmarked by February 20 to:
    The Davis Fellowship
    Post Office Box 667
    Hampden-Sydney College
    Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 23943
    Sent electronically to with the Subject:  Davis Fellowship Candidate
  7. On March 1, the Dean of Admissions, the Director of Admissions, and the Associate Dean of Admissions will select 3-5 candidates to bring to campus for an interview and the candidates will be notified.
  8. In conjunction with the Davis Fellows Committee, on a Friday in March, interviews with the 3-5 candidates will take place on campus.
    1. There will be five 30-minute interview sessions and lunch.
    2. Students will be responsible for their own travel arrangements - and travel reimbursement will be given from the Fellowship.
  9. After interviewing all candidates, one of the interviewees will be selected a Davis Fellow by the Davis Fellows Committee.  Others will be ranked by preference of the Committee.
  10. A representative of the Davis Family will contact the winner by telephone.
  11. The winner will have until May 1, the National Candidate's Reply Date to accept the award, although will be asked to contact the College beforehand, if he has made a decision to attend or not to attend the College.  The ranked candidates will be offered the award in order of preference of the Committee.