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Farewell Coach Favret
Head Football Coach Marty Favret leaves behind 24-years and two legacies: One is made of trophies, titles, accolades, pennants, and championship rings. The other is intangible, yet arguably more enduring, and that’s the impact he’s had on the thousands of men he’s coached across more than two decades.

The Keepers: Alumni in Public History
Discover how eight Hampden-Sydney history majors across five decades have dedicated their professional lives to the preservation, interpretation, and conservation of American history. Each of them possess a tenacity for the truth, pursuing their work as the Founding Fathers did: always challenging the status quo and continuously striving towards the goal of building a more perfect union.

Hallowed Hall: the Renovation of Venable
Hampden-Sydney College is a study in juxtaposition. We educate 21st-century men in the pursuit of an 18th-century mission. We employ an ancient educational framework to instruct students on modern day subjects. And now, thanks to the thoughtful renovation of Venable Hall, H-SC students will reside in a 200-year-old dormitory while enjoying every contemporary amenity they could want.

A Conversation with Dean Russell
After a nationwide search led by a committee comprised of faculty, staff, alumni, and trustees, Hampden-Sydney introduced Chrystal Russell as the College’s next dean of admission on February 2, 2023.


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Noah Moore '23

For senior Noah Moore, success on the Hill means being involved, making lifelong friends, striving to do well in your classes, and most importantly, taking the time to contemplate what it means to be a good man.

Noah Moore '23

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