With the installation and continued growth of our campus network to all administrative and faculty offices, student dormitories, and off-campus connections, the issue of data and file security becomes a matter of increasing importance to all of us at the College. The purpose of the network is to provide convenient access to the many resources connected to it. However, because files are now more readily accessible, we are obligated to take greater precautions to protect College data, as well as individual user files. 

Your use of the College's telecommunications and computing equipment and capabilities implies your agreement to abide by the tenets set forth in this Computing and Telecommunications Policy: 

Hampden-Sydney College Computing and Telecommunications Policy Statement Each student needs to agree to the following statement, in order to be granted access to the campus network: 

"I hereby acknowledge that permission is granted to me by Hampden-Sydney College for administrative or academic use of the computing and telecommunications facilities and services of the College, including its computer systems, associated peripherals and files, telephone and network access, according to the terms described herein. 

In consideration of the permission granted to use the above mentioned systems,
I hereby acknowledge that:

  1. The College licenses the use of such computer software from a variety of outside companies. The College does not own this software, or its related documentation, and unless authorized by the software developer, does not have the right to reproduce or modify it.
  2. I agree not to copy, disclose, transfer, or modify, without written permission, any computer software or documentation which the College permits me to use.
  3. Media containing licensed software and the accompanying documentation is to be used in the College's office areas, classrooms, and computing labs, and is not to be removed from such designated areas.
  4. All use of software provided by the College and of the College's computer and telecommunications equipment is governed by the College's license agreements, this Policy Statement, and applicable Federal and State law. I hereby agree to comply with all such restrictions.
  5. I also agree not to use the College's computer and telecommunications systems in any way that diminishes or interferes with the use of those systems by others. I acknowledge the College's right to remove immediately any files which appear to be intended for any such misuse. I further acknowledge the College's right to inspect when necessary, as a function of responsible system management, all electronic files and other recorded information on the College's computing and telecommunications facilities.
  6. According to U.S. Copyright Law, illegal reproduction of software can be subject to civil damages of as much as $100,000 and criminal penalties, including fines and imprisonment. Students and employees who make, acquire, or use unauthorized copies of computer software shall be disciplined as appropriate under the circumstances. Such discipline may include denial of computing and telecommunications privileges, termination for employees, or sanctions under the Honor Code for students. The College does not condone the illegal duplication or modification of software.
  7. By utilizing the systems outlined in this policy statement, you agree to the terms herein, and shall indemnify and hold the College harmless against all damages, losses, expenses, or costs resulting from the breach of obligations contained herein."