Providing Hampden-Sydney’s distinctive educational experience for students today and well into the future requires the philanthropic investment of alumni, parents, and friends of the College. Here are the stories of those who chose to pay it forward.

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  • Hal Absher

    Doing Good with Their Giving

    Hal Absher ’71 and his wife have included a gift to Hampden-Sydney College in their estate plan to support athletics and the endowment to provide opportunities for the next generation of Hampden-Sydney students. Hal Absher ’71

  • David Schultheis

    Giving With Feeling

    David Schultheis '74 recognizes the important role Hampden-Sydney College and his liberal arts education played in his success and is including the College in his estate plan. David Schultheis '74

  • Chuck Wheeler

    Growing Their Giving

    Recognizing how influential Hampden-Sydney College has been in his life, Chuck Wheeler ’65, a loyal and consistent supporter, has broadened his commitment by funding a charitable gift annuity. Chuck Wheeler ’65

  • Lance Lavenstein

    Devoted to Giving

    Inspired by his devotion to Hampden-Sydney College, Lance Lavenstein '71 has established two endowments through his estate planning that reflect the richness of his Hampden-Sydney bond and life’s journey. Lance Lavenstein '71

  • Wally Nunley

    Honored to Give

    One of the beautiful aspects of philanthropy is that one act can serve many purposes. For Dr. Wally Nunley ’69, his gifts to Hampden-Sydney College do just that. Wally Nunley '69

  • Steve Ho

    Grateful Giving

    With gratitude for the generous scholarships and financial aid that afforded him valuable opportunities at Hampden-Sydney College, Steve Ho '95 is giving back—both with his time and his money. Steve Ho '95

  • Frank Roach

    The Importance of Giving

    Frank Roach '73 recently made a significant gift to create an endowed professorship in the Department of Economics and Business to support the curricular offerings in finance at Hampden-Sydney. Frank Roach '73

  • Ken Pritchett

    Lessons in Giving

    Motivated by the generosity of a well-timed scholarship, Ken Pritchett '64 has been an avid supporter of Hampden-Sydney, including his latest committment to join the 1776 Legacy Society by funding a charitable gift annuity. Ken Pritchett '64

  • Mike Adelman

    A World of Difference

    A faithful supporter of the Hampden-Sydney College Annual Fund, Mike Adelman '70 expanded his support by creating an endowment to provide study abroad opportunities for Hampden-Sydney students. Mike Adelman ’70

  • Bill Kirk

    Blessings to Share

    Bill Kirk ’72 believes in sharing his blessings, and his success has enabled him to make impactful gifts at Hampden-Sydney both during his lifetime and after. Bill Kirk ’72

  • Will Seymour

    Daring to Do More

    In gratitude for his Hampden-Sydney College education, attorney William F. “Will” Seymour ’79 has generously given back and challenges others to follow, reminding us that each day is an opportunity to do something meaningful. Will Seymour '79

  • Jim Edge

    Giving With Gratitude

    Jim Edge '67 was able to attend Hampden-Sydney College partly due to the generosity of others. This has influenced his giving over the years, leading him to faithfully give to H-SC. Jim Edge ’67

  • Louise Martin

    Leading With Giving

    A friend of Hampden-Sydney College for many years, Louise Martin created the David Martin Leadership Program and continues to support H-SC to honor her late husband, David Martin ’52, former trustee and loyal alumnus. Louise Martin

  • Jack Drescher

    The "Why" of Giving

    As a loyal supporter for many years, Jack Drescher '70 created scholarships in honor of his parents and a good friend and most recently increased his commitment to include Hampden-Sydney College in his estate plans. Jack Drescher '70

  • Stephen “Bo” Wilkins

    Life-Changing Experience

    Stephen “Bo” Wilkins ’92 believes that Hampden-Sydney College made him the man that he is today, and now he is giving back to ensure future men can continue to have the life-changing experience he did. Bo Wilkins '92

  • James Darling

    Opportunities for Giving

    James Darling ’10 and his wife Alyssa hope that the scholarship they established will allow other students the opportunity to attend Hampden-Sydney College and experience the transformative influence of the faculty and staff. James Darling '10

  • Julius "Joey" Smith

    A Leader By Nature

    Julious P. "Joey" Smith, Jr. '65 has used his leadership and financial contributions over the last 50-plus years to help increase Hampden-Sydney College's endowment and create more scholarship opportunities for future Hampden-Sydney men. Joey Smith '65

  • David Ewing

    The Act of Giving

    All four of his years at Hampden-Sydney College were filled with wonderful memories—in and out of the classroom—and for David Ewing '91, the love affair continues today. David Ewing '91

  • Joe Austin

    A Heart for Giving

    Dr. Joe Austin ’71 became a cardiologist because he believes in helping others. With his leadership and philanthropy, Austin is making a difference in the future of Hampden-Sydney College. Joe Austin ’71

  • Bobby Bray

    A Gift of Love

    Bobby Bray ’60 and his late wife Janey have faithfully loved and supported Hampden-Sydney College since the day he first visited campus. He recently decided to make a legacy gift of life insurance, naming H-SC as the beneficiary. Bray hopes other Hampden-Sydney alumni will make similar gifts to the College.  Bobby Bray '60

  • Charlie Cobb

    The Ties That Bind

    In the five decades since Charlie Cobb ’69 graduated from Hampden-Sydney College, the former Tiger athlete has found ways to stay tied to his alma mater. Charlie Cobb ’69

  • Jim Boyd

    An Investment in Education

    Jim Boyd ’58 has spent the last fifty years investing in future generations, both as an educator at St. Christopher’s School in Richmond and as a benefactor of the McGuire-Boyd Scholarship at Hampden-Sydney College. Jim Boyd '58

  • Phil Spencer

    Giving with Compassion

    The month of June marks 50 years since Phil Spencer ’70 received his Hampden-Sydney diploma—a milestone that Spencer plans to celebrate with a generous gift to Hampden-Sydney College, demonstrating his enduring love for his alma mater. Phil Spencer '70

  • Clarence "Clancy" Holland

    The Decision to Give

    It was Hampden-Sydney’s academic reputation that first attracted Clancy Holland’s attention, but it was a scholarship that made his H-SC experience possible. Now, the retired medical doctor and former mayor, city councilman, and state senator wants to make the same experience possible for a new generation of Hampden-Sydney men. Clancy Holland '52

  • Chris Evans

    A Mission to Give

    Though he has often lived far from Hampden-Sydney, Chris Evans '68 has supported the College over the years. Now, after his last visit to the Hill in honor of his 50th reunion, he has made it official that he is including H-SC in his will. Chris Evans '68

  • Richard Madden

    Meaningful Giving

    Serving as chairman of his 50th Reunion reminded Richard Madden ’67 of the many things he loves about Hampden-Sydney—and motivated him to help provide for the College’s future. Richard Madden '67

  • Scott Harwood

    Giving His All

    Giving it his all at Hampden-Sydney College is something Scott Harwood '65 is known for. He knows firsthand that investing in the future of Hampden-Sydney can make an impact by providing young men with a foundation for life. Scott Harwood '65

  • Johnny Ellis

    A Heart for Giving

    Johnny Ellis ’70 knew Hampden-Sydney College was the right fit for him from his first day on campus in the fall of 1966. Now, helping other students realize their educational dreams is especially poignant to him, so he and his wife have endowed several scholarships and included Hampden-Sydney in their wills. Johnny Ellis '70

  • Dr. Paul Brown

    Giving With Gratitude

    With his heartfelt gratitude and generous support, Dr. Paul Brown isn’t just paying it back, he’s paying it forward so that future Hampden-Sydney College men will benefit. Paul Brown ’78