The Board of Trustees established a fund to assist faculty members in sponsoring student trips of an educational and/or cultural nature. Such trips include excursions to museums, galleries, special exhibits, musical or theatrical performances, and lectures as well as travel to meetings and conferences. Although these trips may be associated with a course, they need not be. Administered by the Dean of the Faculty, this fund supplements established budget lines and also supports student travel not covered by such lines.

There are some restrictions on how these funds are to be used. Remember that the intention is to help offset expenses borne by students who are participating in these trips.

  • Expenses the College will cover include transportation (motor pool charges for College cars, tolls and parking, public transportation), lodging, admission fees and tickets, and registration fees.
  • College cars, which can be reserved for faculty through Bill Gillen at Facilities, cost $30/day and must be returned by 7:00 am on the day after their use. Two weeks advance notice is recommended for car reservations.
  • The College, as a matter of policy, will not reimburse students for mileage involved in using their own personal vehicles, though if a faculty member drives the students in his or her own car that mileage can be reimbursed (at $.625 per mile).
  • The College will not cover expenses for meals for students.
  • Expenses for students presenting work at conferences will be capped at $500 per student.
  • These restrictions are intended to spread the available funds as broadly as possible, and to make some money available to many student trips rather than paying for all of the expenses for only a few trips.

Faculty members interested in applying for these funds should submit the online form below to Jennifer Vitale,  Assistant Dean of the Faculty. Proposals should specify the purpose of the trip, the costs to be covered, and any other available sources of funding. Early applications are encouraged since funds are limited. If you need further information, please email

Student Travel Request Form