Many departments on campus hire various assistants. Get your resume ready for graduation—add work experience while you're still a student.  


  • A list of available student work study positions will be emailed to the student's H-SC email address at the beginning of each semester. 
  • Click the position link on the list for more information or to apply.  You must apply for the position even if you worked it previously.  
  • Once hired, the supervisor will notify HR.
  • If you have never worked for the College, you will need to provide two acceptable forms of ID to HR. Also complete I-9 and W-4 tax forms in Paycom. (An email will be sent with Login information).
  • Student Payday is the 2nd Friday of each month (Unless holiday or break).
  • Clocking In/Out Directions (pdf).
  • Get all the details:  Work Study Program Guidebook.