• Senior Lecturer in Fine Arts

    Brinkley Hall, 108
    (434) 223-7057


Ph.D. Qualifying Exams with Distinction, Medieval Art and Architecture, Ancient Art, Columbia University, 1985
M.A. Medieval Architecture, Columbia University, 1979
B.A. Art History and German, SUNY, 1977, Summa Cum Laude

Courses Taught

Art in the Contemporary World (VISU 200): required for the Visual Arts Major
History of Western Art I: Ancient to Modern (VISU 201)
History of Western Art 2: Renaissance to Modern (VISU 202):
Greek and Roman Art and Architecture (VISU 204)
Medieval Art and Architecture (VISU 205)
Western Art of the 19th and 20th Centuries (VISU 208)
Special Topics in Art History (VISU 360)
Western Culture 101: Beginnings to 1500 (WCUL 101)

Teaching Interests

Art History and Appreciation
Architectural History and Urbanism
Ancient and Medieval Art and Architecture
19th and 20th Century Art and Architecture

Committee Assignments & Service to the College

Esther Thomas Atkinson Museum Board
Western Culture Program
Benefits Committee

Other Interests

Architectural Society (Student interest group at Hampden-Sydney College)
Art Print Program, Prince Edward County Schools 1997 - 2002
Members Council, Longwood Center for the Visual Arts 1997- 2003; 2015-present
Citizen's Planning Academy, Prince Edward County 2003
Central Virginia Regional Library Board 2002 - 2010

Research Interests and potential topics for students

Potential topics for students: Art History, Architectural History, Visual Literacy, Fine Arts Markets