May 02, 2022

On Thursday, April 28 the 2021-22 academic year officially came to a close as faculty, staff, and students gathered in Johns Auditorium in a final convocation to honor their achievements.

Dr. Sarah Hardy in regalia addresses the faculty and student bodies at the podiumThe annual awards ceremony celebrates student academic and leadership achievement as well as faculty excellence in research. This year’s John Peter Mettauer Award went to Elliott Professor of English Evan R. Davis and Elliott Associate Professor of Rhetoric Nicholas D. Nace.

Dr. Evan Davis came to the College in 1998 and since that time has published multiple articles on 18th century English literature as well as co-authored articles on pedagogy with several H-SC colleagues. His edited version of Robinson Crusoe, updated in 2014, continues to be a standard choice for instructors teaching this text. 

Dr. Nick Nace came to the college in 2014 and has been a prolific scholar, publishing academic articles on diverse topics from Shakespeare to Alice in Wonderland as well as his own poetry. He is currently an editor of the H-SC Poetry Review and Director of the Rhetoric Program. 

Davis and Nace recently co-authored a volume on teaching American and British satire, published in 2019. They also have a forthcoming anthology of satire, which promises to be one of the more amusing pieces of scholarship produced by H-SC faculty. 

Final Convocation Award Winners


John Peter Mettauer Excellence in Research Award, Dr. Evan R. Davis and Dr. Nicholas D. Nace

Academic Success

Sophomore Academic Excellence AwardsDaniel Robinson Nivens ’24 and John Atwood Torian ’24


James R.T. Hewett Biology Award“Jeb” James Barta Wall ’22
H.B. Overcash Award, Andrew Michael Rehak ’23


Topham Chemistry AwardLoyal T. Grimes IV ’23
Anderson Prize for Excellence in Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyTobias A. Konieczka ’22


David C. Wilson Greek Prize, Michael Lawrence Van Citters ’22
Leila B. Thompson Eta Sigma Phi Prize, Loyal Thomas Grimes IV ’23

Economics and Business

Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award, Dylan Kyle Robertson '22
William R. Hendley Award in Economics and Business, Josephus Conn Jannerbo '22


The Sallie Wright Harrison Poetry Award, Elijah Howard Edwards ’22
The Shelley A. Marshall Short Story Award, Daniel Robinson Nivens ’24
Grace and Hassell Simpson Prize, Elijah Howard Edwards ’22

Fine Arts


Camilla Virginia Taylor Crawley Music AwardJoseph Swanson ’22
Kearfott Stone Memorial AwardJackson Eisele ’23
Randolph Minter Glee Club AwardJoseph Kelly ’22


Robert H. Porterfield ’29 Drama AwardTobias A. Konieczka ’22

Visual Arts

McClintock Award in the Visual ArtsJoseph Kelly ’22

Flemming Center

Entrepreneurial Leadership AwardSean Patrick Duffy ’22

Global Education

Gemborys-Choate-Bouin-Swenson AwardTanner Blake Voliva ’22

Government and Foreign Affairs

James Madison Award for Excellence in Political ScienceBrendan Dudding ’22
John Marshall Award for Excellence in Writing in Political ScienceJ. Callahan Mitchell ’22


Etta Sawyer Hart Bliss History AwardJames Stanton Camp ’22 , and Jonathan Daniel Smith ’22
Willard F. Bliss AwardBryson Trevor Smith ’24

Math and Computer Science

Macon Reed Award in MathematicsMitchell Krucke ’24, Andrew Guerrero ’24, and John Torian ’24
Selden-Franke Award in MathematicsAnthony Isom ’23
William C. Chewning, Jr. Award, James Garrison ’22


Cecil Richard Bowman ’67 M.D. AwardRonald David Lowman ’22

Physics and Astronomy

Dr. Stan Cheyne playing the bagpipes at convocation ceremonyWeyland Thomas Joyner Physics AwardA. W. Leighton Holm ’22
Hardy Cross Award in Physics, Eliot K. Chandler ’22


Psychology AwardColeman Bradner Meadows ’22


Gerald T. Carney for Excellence in the Study of ReligionJames “Jeb” Wall ’22 and Matthew W. Roddy ’22
William Carrington Finch AwardRyan J. Scott ’23


Rhetoric Essay Awards: 100, William “Wills” Huddleston ’25
Rhetoric Essay Awards: 101 Cabas Prize Best Written Essay, Brandon Hyde ’25
Susan Pepper Robbins Prize, Yue-Bo “Ben” Jia ’25
Rhetoric Best Speaker Award: 210, Danahj Wright ’24
Rhetoric Best Speaker Award: 310, Harrison Carter ’23
Deis & Frye Prize for Creative Nonfiction, Elijah Edwards ’22
Colbert Prize for Excellence in Rhetoric, Josephus Conn Jannerbo ’22

Student Affairs

Jeffrey N. Friend AwardJacob G. Kern ’23

Student Organizations

Lewis and Nell Drew Student Government AwardIan B. Lichacz ’22
Resident Advisor of the Year Award, Benjamin Scott Teachey ’24
Student Government Outstanding Club/Organization AwardDucks Unlimited, Frank Maynard Gwaltney '24, President
Student Justice System Investigator of the Year AwardArthur W. Leighton Holm ’22
CAC Member of the Year AwardJacob G. Kern ’23
IFC Member of the Year AwardJack Andrew Hilbert ’22
Senate Member of the Year Award, Benjamin Scott Teachey ’24
The ODK Cohen Citizenship AwardJames Scott Hotchkiss Pittman ’22 and Benjamin Tyler Olsen ‘22
Outstanding First Year Journalist AwardRichard Douglas Jones '25

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