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The Rhetoric Studio combines Hampden-Sydney’s Writing and Speaking Centers and adds a third component: Digital Rhetoric, communication that is composed, created, and distributed through multimedia platforms. It features an interactive, collaborative, and high-energy environment where students and consultants can work together using state-of-the art technologies.

A Space to Collaborate, Create, and Communicate

The Rhetoric Studio’s primary goal is to collaborate with students in the creative process of designing and drafting both informative and persuasive communication projects across all disciplines at the College. 

Here, students can work on various types of communication projects in various modalities—written, oral, digital, and multi-modal. 

Students are welcome to visit the Rhetoric Studio at any stage of their projects. For example, students can visit to brainstorm topics and ideas; conduct research; hone thesis statements; outline a project, speech, or essay; draft and revise; create print and digital documents or visual aids; rehearse and record presentations or creative projects; interview and record oral histories; practice interviewing skills; and more!

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Meet our Consultants

Jake Blankinship '21: Government Major/Rhetoric Minor. Expertise in Speaking, Writing and Video Production. 2nd year Consultant.

Gray Breeden '21: Economics Major/Rhetoric and Visual Arts Minors. Expertise in Writing, Speaking, Visual design, and PowerPoint. 3rd year Consultant.

Kevin Canny '21: Foreign Affairs Major and Spanish/Leadership in the Public Interest Minors. Expertise in Writing, Speaking, and Language Composition (Spanish). 3rd year Consultant.

Ryan Clawson '21: Business Economics Major/Rhetoric Minor. Expertise in Writing and Speaking. 2nd year Consultant.

Jake Diehl '21: English Major/Rhetoric Minor. A/V Equipment and recording. 1st year Consultant.

Brad Jeffers '21: Government Major/Rhetoric Minor. Speaking, Writing, & Podcasting. 1st year Consultant.

Ian Lichacz '22: History Major/Leadership in the Public Interest Minor. Expertise in Speaking, Video editing, and Podcasting. 2nd year Consultant.

Adam Lovelace '20: English Major/Rhetoric Minor. Expertise in Writing, Speaking, Podcasting. 2nd year Consultant.

Daniel Marsden '23: Undeclared/Rhetoric Minor. Expertise in ArcGIS, mapping, and python. 1st year Consultant.

Zac Richman '22: Government Major. Expertise in Digital Media, Creative Writing, PowerPoint, iMovie, Photoshop, and intermediate knowledge of French. 2nd year consultant.

Dylan Roberston '22: Econ Major. Expertise in writing and speaking. 1st year consultant.

For Students

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do in the Rhetoric Studio?
We invite you to visit the Rhetoric Studio to work with our consultants at any stage of your paper or project. For example, you can brainstorm topics and ideas; conduct research; hone your thesis statement; outline a project, speech, or essay; draft and revise; create print and digital documents or visual aids; rehearse and record presentations or creative projects; interview and record oral histories; practice interviewing skills; and more!

Do I Need an Appointment?
We ask that individuals sign up online for consultations in advance or via one of our many QR codes posted throughout campus. Once you have made an appointment, you will receive an email before your meeting with a link to a Microsoft Teams video conference.

What Should I Bring?
Please have a copy of your assignment and any notes you have about the project. Also collect any work in progress, such as your research notes, rough drafts or outlines, data you’ve collected, ideas for visuals, etc. Finally make sure to upload a copy of the assignment details when you make an appointment. 

What about the Honor Code?
It is not a violation of the Honor Code to work with consultants in the Rhetoric Studio! In fact, professors in various departments at the College often recommend that their students seek such assistance for written, oral, digital, and multi-modal projects. After your session, consultants will provide written feedback to you that you may share with your professors to indicate that you visited the Rhetoric Studio for assistance.

For Faculty

How can I use the Rhetoric Studio in my classes and co-curricular projects?

Our Proposed Model

    1. Require or encourage students to come to the Rhetoric Studio—early and often—to work on class or co-curricular projects. Sending us a copy of your assignment helps our consultants better assist your students.
    2. Collaborate with a Faculty Consultant to design and implement an assignment or project in your curriculum.
    3. Participate in Faculty Professional Development Workshops to explore the possibilities for creative, multimodal communication projects. We offer numerous workshops during the academic year.
    4. Think about new assignments and technology that you would like to integrate into your cirrculum. 
    5. Schedule workshops for your students to give them the skills needed to complete your communication project. A faculty or student consultant will facilitate workshops in the Rhetoric Studio, preferably, or in your classroom if you prefer. We offer workshops in topics related to writing, presentational speaking, and digital/multimodal rhetoric.
      1. Developing and Refining a Topic
      2. Creating an Annotated Bibliography
      3. Participating in or Leading Class Discussion
      4. Recording and Editing Audio 
      5. Podcasting
      6. Responsive Web Design 
      7. Dataviz with ArcGIS
      8. Integrating Visuals in Essays and Presentations
      9. Designing Research Posters
      10. Designing and Creating Infographics
      11. Speaking with Confidence
      12. Conducting an Interview
      13. Developing and Presenting a Grant Proposal, Elevator Speech, Research Brief

    Contact The Rhetoric Studio

    Center for Rhetoric and Communication
    Pannill Commons | Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943

    Dr. Jake Euteneuer, Director

    Dr. Sean Gleason, Associate Director

    Dr. Claire Deal, Presentational Speaking Coordinator

    Dr. Shawn Schooling, Writing Coordinator/Rhetoric Program Associate Director

    Mr. Emmett Buckley, Rhetoric Studio Faculty Consultant

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