The following courses have been pre-approved for enrollment through our arrangement with Longwood University. Please note that Hampden-Sydney students may petition academic departments for permission to take additional Longwood courses (not on this list) on a case-by-case basis. However, no additional approval is needed for the courses on this list with the exception of the education courses, which must be approved by the Associate Dean of the Faculty at Hampden-Sydney and the Dean of the School of Education at Longwood. For more information, see the section in the Academic Catalogue on the Longwood University Cooperative Program.

Elective Credit
Anthropology 101 Introduction to Anthropology
Anthropology 202 Archaeology
Art 201 Architecture Appreciation and Design
Art 250 Printmaking: Relief
Art 270 Acrylic & Watercolor
Art 352 Intaglio/Litho
Art 365 Contemporary Art
Art 366 Survey of Non-Western Art
Art 369 American Art
Art 381 Sculpture I
Art 382 Sculpture II
Art 401 History of Graphic Design
Chemistry 372 Environmental Chemistry
Chemistry 375 Polymer Chemistry
Communications 101 Public Speaking
Communications 200 Communication Theory
Communications 241 Basic Media Reporting and Writing
Communications 310 Interpersonal Communication
Communications 330 Small Group Communication
Communications 341 Advanced Media Reporting and Writing
Communications 350 Persuasion Theory
Communications 400 Communication Ethics
Communications 420 Intercultural Communication
Communications 470 Gender and Communication
English 358 Women and Film
English 416 Bible as Literature
English 431 Arthurian Literature
French 330 Civilization and Culture
French 411-412 Studies in Literary Genre
French 413-414 French Literary Movements
French 415-416 Major French Authors
Geography 201 Basic Elements of Geography
Geography 241 Cultural Geography
German 315 German for Business
German 330 Civilization and Culture
German 411-412 Studies in Literary Genre
German 413-414 German Literary Movements
German 415-416 Major German Authors
History 309 American Social and Intellectual History
History 310 American Social and Intellectual History
History 314 Political History of Africa
History 321 The History of Women in America
History 322 The American West
History 468 European Intellectual History from the Enlightenment
Music 155/156 Elective Applied Music
Music 255/256 Elective Applied Music
Music 331 History of Music I
Music 332 History of Music II
Music 430 Music of the Eighteenth Century
Music 431 Music of the Nineteenth Century
Philosophy 315 Biomedical Ethics
Philosophy 316 Environmental Ethics
Philosophy 320 American Thought
Philosophy 355 Philosophy of the Mind
Psychology 360 Consumer Psychology
Psychology 366 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Psychology 400 Human Factors Psychology
Religion 242 World Religions
Sociology 301 Sociology of Religion
Spanish 402 Advanced Conversation and Phonetics
Spanish 411-412 Studies in Literary Genre
Spanish 413-414 Hispanic Literary Movements
Spanish 415-416 Hispanic Authors
Theatre 344 Theory and Practice of Scene Painting
Theatre 345 Costume Design
Theatre 399 Theatre Management
Theatre 408 Directing for the Teacher
Theatre 430 Modern Drama
Theatre 431 American Drama
The following courses can be taken only with the approval of the Associate Dean of the Faculty at Hampden-Sydney and the Dean of the School of Education at Longwood.
Education 245 Human Growth and Development
Education 260 Introduction to the Teaching Profession (2 credits)
Education 265 Education Practicum I
Education 370 Practicum II
Education 380* Classroom Assessment (2 credits)
Education 402* Directed Teaching in the Secondary School (10 credits)
Education 430 Teaching Reading in the Content Area (2 credits)
Education 455 Principles of Secondary Education (1 credit)
Education 484* Media and Computer Technology (2 credits)
Education 487* Classroom Management (2 credits)
Education 488* Education Seminar (1 credit)
Education 489* Survey of Exceptional Children (2 credits)
English 480 The Teaching of English
History 300 Teaching History/Social Sciences in the Secondary School
Mathematics 451 The Teaching of High School Mathematics
Science Ed 352 Science for Secondary Teachers
[*Taken during the professional semester (total of 18 hours)]

Last Updated April 2013