What kind of man goes to Hampden-Sydney College? Read their stories and find out how diverse our students are.

  • William Morris

    Mathematical Economics major and Mathematics and Spanish minor

    On April 14, William Morris ’25 represented Hampden-Sydney College at the 2024 USA Powerlifting Collegiate Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia, placing eighth in his weight class. William Morris ’25

  • Bryson Smith

    History and Religion major

    During the summer of 2023, history and religion major Bryson Smith ’24 explored the historical contextualization of the Hampden-Sydney College curriculum for summer research. Bryson Smith ’24

  • Drake James

    English major

    Driven by a passion for historic preservation, English major Drake James '24 recently used his summer internships in construction to explore this career path, beginning his journey as a contractor apprentice in historic restoration. Drake James ’24

  • George Langhammer

    Foreign Affairs major & Spanish minor

    A superb scholar-athlete and highly motivated citizen, George Langhammer ’24 understands what it means to get involved and make a difference at Hampden-Sydney College. George Langhammer ’24

  • Martin Eschman

    Applied Mathematics and Psychology major

    During the summer of 2023, Hampden-Sydney College applied mathematics and psychology major Martin Eschman ’24 took a deep dive into the world of public speaking anxiety for summer research. Martin Eschman ’24

  • Jack Thomas

    Foreign Affairs major and History & National Security Studies minor

    Hampden-Sydney College foreign affairs major Jack Thomas ’25 spent this past summer abroad in Bali, Indonesia thanks to the ROTC initiative Project Global Officer (GO). Jack Thomas '25

  • Elliot Williams

    Economics and Business major

    This past summer, Hampden-Sydney College economics and business major Elliot Williams ’25 earned an internship as a Corporate Client Banking Fellow at J.P. Morgan in New York City. Elliot Williams '25

  • Scott Teachey

    History major and National Security Studies minor

    An active student role model and involved community citizen, Scott Teachey ’24 is the epitome of a Hampden-Sydney man. Scott Teachey '24

  • William Thornton

    Economics and Business major

    During his time at Hampden-Sydney College, Tiger soccer player William Thornton ’23 forged strong bonds and discovered his many strengths, making the most of his time on the Hill. William Thornton ’23

  • Izac Olatunji

    Biology and fine arts majors

    Izac Olatunji ’23 traveled to a remote corner of Alaska and gained new insights on home and heritage as a research assistant to Hampden-Sydney College Associate Professor of Rhetoric Sean Gleason. Izac Olatunji ’23

  • Grayson Phillips

    Government major

    An avid fisherman and determined student, Grayson Phillips ’23 knew he would be a Hampden-Sydney man from the moment he stepped on campus. Grayson Phillips ‘23

  • Grayson Manning

    Government major

    Grayson Manning ’23 spent winter break shadowing Hampden-Sydney College alumnus William B. Allen III ’69 at his law firm. Grayson Manning ’23

  • Noah Selfe

    Government major

    With a newfound sense of direction, Noah Selfe ’23 urges students to push themselves and utilize the tools they have at Hampden-Sydney College to become good men and good citizens. Noah Selfe ’23

  • Andrew Parker

    Government major

    Andrew Parker ’23 credits Hampden-Sydney College for preparing him for the future and teaching him the necessary skills to succeed after graduation. Andrew Parker '23

  • William Gardner

    Biology major and Environmental Studies minor

    William Gardner '25 credits his time in South Africa as a moving experience that has allowed him to prosper and grow during his time at Hamdpen-Sydney College. William Gardner '25

  • Jack Shipman  

    Economics major 

    Tiger Lacrosse player Jack Shipman ’23 stepped outside his comfort zone at H-SC and found new opportunities and connections that would prepare him for the future. Jack Shipman '23

  • Noah Moore

    History major

    For Hampden-Sydney College senior Noah Moore, success on the Hill means being involved, making lifelong friends, striving to do well in your classes, and most importantly, taking the time to contemplate what it means to be a good man. Noah Moore '23

  • Michael Rowe

    Government major

    Government major Michael Rowe '23 wanted a college with ample leadership opportunities in an environment focused on individual students, but he never could have imagined how closely he would interact with his professors and other faculty members at Hampden-Sydney College. Michael Rowe '23

  • Coleman Meadows

    Psychology major and Leadership in the public interest minor

    Psychology major Coleman Meadows ’22 has an impressive understanding of how his experiences at Hampden-Sydney College have real-life implications and will no doubt use them as he works toward his career goals in counseling. Coleman Meadows ’22

  • Mike Daum

    Psychology major and National Security Studies minor

    Combat veteran Mike Daum ’23 is not your typical Hampden-Sydney College student—married and in his mid-twenties, he brings a unique perspective on life and the real world. Mike Daum ’23

  • Ben Hager

    Philosophy major

    It’s hard to explain what makes Hampden-Sydney College so special, but Ben Hager ’23 says it begins with being a small part of the College’s long history—a shared experience of building lifelong relationships, gaining confidence, and seizing new opportunities. Ben Hager '23

  • Taylor McGee

    Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Philosophy, and Spanish majors

    Taylor McGee ’23 has achieved remarkable success during his time on the Hill—he was recently named a Goldwater Scholar, an honor that represents the highest level of undergraduate achievement in natural sciences, math, and engineering. Taylor McGee ’23

  • Peter Orgain

    Economics & Business major

    Volunteer firefighter Peter Orgain '22 chose Hampden-Sydney College because it felt like home—the rural feel of the campus, the unique and personal relationships between students and their professors, and the opportunity to serve in diverse leadership roles led him to fall in love with the school. Peter Orgain '22

  • Kaleb Smith

    Mathematical Economics major

    Stand-out Tiger Football running back Kaleb Smith ’22 has always given 100 percent both in the classroom and on the gridiron, and his efforts have been rewarded—he was named a semifinalist for the 2021 William V. Campbell Trophy, also known as the academic Heisman. Kaleb Smith '22

  • Joey Kelly

    English and Visual Arts majors, Music minor

    Senior Joey Kelly is uniquely himself and, with the help of his transformative and well-rounded academic experience at Hampden-Sydney College, is not afraid to challenge his own or others' perspectives. Joey Kelly '22

  • Jordan Blackwell

    Government major, Rhetoric minor

    Jordan Blackwell '22 has found a passion for leadership and academics at Hampden-Sydney College—he is learning to think critically, to engage with the work on his own, and to step into leadership roles that he may have never considered before. Jordan Blackwell ’22

  • Scott Pittman

    History major, Rhetoric minor

    History major and student leader Scott Pittman '22 shares a unique bond with his father Virginius “Vee” Pittman ’84 and brother John Pittman ’20—not only are they family, but they are also bound by the Hampden-Sydney College brotherhood. Scott Pittman '22

  • Cal Mitchell

    Government and Foreign Affairs major

    Government and Foreign Affairs major Cal Mitchell '22 credits his Hampden-Sydney College leadership roles and summer internships with developing his gratitude, humility, conflict resolution skills, and career goals. Cal Mitchell '22

  • Alex Zorko

    Foreign Affairs major, Leadership in the Public Interest minor

    International student Alex Zorko ’22 says Hampden-Sydney College is the best decision he’s ever made and that he would do it all over again—and he can say it fluently in six languages. Alex Zorko ’22

  • Jason Hill

    English & Theatre majors, Rhetoric minor

    With COVID-19 came changes to Hampden-Sydney’s academic and social structure, but Resident Advisor Jason Hill ’22 tells us how the fabric that holds the Hampden-Sydney brotherhood together remained strong.  Jason Hill ’22

  • Tyler Howerton

    Physics major, Mathematics minor

    A standout offensive lineman, 4.00 physics major, and humble and gracious Hampden-Sydney man, Tyler Howerton '21 has accomplished an impressive list of feats in his four years on the Hill. Tyler Howerton '21

  • Matt Marsh

    Government major, Environmental Studies & Leadership in the Public Interest minors

    Student Body Secretary-Treasurer Matt Marsh '22 says having a community to depend on made a big impact on a him, and now he's paying it forward by cultivating the student involvement programs that drew him to Hampden-Sydney College. Matt Marsh ’22

  • Andrew Barden

    Economics major, Mathematics minor

    From volunteering with under-served communities, to managing a stock market portfolio, to diving into the African tech industry, Andrew Barden’s time on the Hill has been anything but ordinary. Andrew Barden ’21

  • Harrison Whaley

    Biology major, Leadership in the Public Interest minor

    CAC chairman and biology major Harrison Whaley '21 tells us about what drew him to Hampden-Sydney College and what keeps him here—hint: it's the people. Harrison Whaley '21

  • Brennan Vaught

    Chemistry major, Visual Arts minor

    Student Court chairman Brennan Vaught '21 describes why Hampden-Sydney College is, to him, the most distinctive college in the world. Brennan Vaught '21

  • David King III

    Economics major

    COVID-19 may have cancelled his summer internship plans, but David King III ’21 turned his disappointment into the trip of a lifetime. David King '21

  • Phil Pullen

    Engineering Physics major, Math & Rhetoric minors

    Student Body President Phil Pullen '21 shares what he wants to achieve during his time in office, what advice he would give to new Tigers, and what he thinks makes Hampden-Sydney College so special. Phil Pullen '21

  • Stanton Camp

    History major, Rhetoric minor

    Hampden-Sydney College history buff Stanton Camp ’22 immersed himself in research at Red Hill Plantation this past summer, documenting the lives of enslaved people at the site. Stanton Camp '22

  • Ben Skinner

    Government major

    In his entrepreneurship class at Hampden-Sydney, Ben Skinner ’23 developed a plan to open a boat dealership on the Chesapeake Bay. COVID-19 had other plans, however, and the enterprising student “turned lemons into lemonade.” Ben Skinner '23

  • Rakeem Walker

    Psychology major

    Rakeem Walker ’20 has been inspired by, challenged by, and changed by the Hampden-Sydney brotherhood. The Washington, DC native discusses his semester of study in Provence, France. Rakeem Walker '20

  • Arthur White

    Spanish major, Visual Arts minor

    Arthur White ’20 has made the most of his four years at Hampden-Sydney College. From the rugby pitch to the theater stage, the Spanish major is unafraid of trying something new. Arthur White '20

  • Lucas Hamby

    History major

    Lucas Hamby, a sophomore history major and historical reenactor, recently presented his experiences to the Hampden-Sydney College community. Lucas Hamby '22

  • Sam McLean

    English major, Environmental Studies minor

    As a tour guide for Glacier Anglers in Montana, Sam McLean '22 spent his summer disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with himself. Sam McLean '22

  • Charlie Wolfe

    Chemistry major

    Charlie Wolfe is Hampden-Sydney College’s fifth Goldwater Scholar in history. It is the nation's premier undergraduate scholarship in the natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering. Charlie Wolfe '20

  • Griffin Davis

    Economics & Business major

    Griffin Davis '20 chose to come to Hampden-Sydney College to play football, but discovered much more. Griffin Davis '20

  • Alex Dent

    Physics major

    Physics major Alex Dent ’21 is the first student from Hampden-Sydney College to be accepted into the prestigious and highly competitive Clinical Research Internship Program at the Mayo Clinic. Alex Dent '21

  • Bruce Shober

    Economics major

    Hampden-Sydney College golf team captain Bruce Shober ‘20 overcomes the odds after a serious auto accident injury and leads Hampden-Sydney to national ranks. Bruce Shober '20

  • Henry O’Neal IV

    Government major, Classics minor

    Henry O’Neal IV ’19, a government major with a minor in classics, has used his time at Hampden-Sydney College to make a positive difference in local communities. Henry O’Neal ’19

  • Andrew Howell

    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major

    Hampden-Sydney’s Cycling Club president Andrew Howell '20 united the campus community in raising over $5,000 to buy new bikes and helmets to reward hard-working students at Prince Edward County Middle School. Andrew Howell '20

  • Cole Johnson

    Biology major, Chemistry minor

    Coleman Johnson '19 presented his melanoma research at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Atlanta, Georgia. Coleman Johnson '19

  • Corey Williams

    Biology major

    Corey Williams '19 received an Honorable Mention Award for the presentation of his melanoma research at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Atlanta, Georgia. Corey Williams '19

  • Shaun Everson

    Biology major, Chemistry minor

    A result of the relationships he's developed in his work with the Hampden-Sydney Animal Rescue Community, Shaun Everson '20 will be a veterinary technician intern at Ridge Animal Hospital and hopes to become a veterinarian. Shaun Everson '20

  • Max Dash

    English major, Creative Writing minor

    Recent Hampden-Sydney graduate Max Dash '18 devoted the bulk of his senior year to honors research, delving deep into what he calls a very personal, passion-driven project. The creative work thrust the English major deep into Tiger athletics past and present, analyzing the relationship between sports narratives and American culture. Max Dash '18

  • Austin Senecal

    History major, Military Leadership & National Security minors

    J. Austin Senecal '19, is the first Hampden-Sydney student to win the prestigious Boren Scholarship, awarded to just 221 undergraduates nationwide. Austin Senecal '19

  • Travis Stackow

    English major, History and Rhetoric minors

    Hampden-Sydney College senior English major Travis Stackow was selected to present his summer research at the Central Slavic Conference, an honor granted to a select few undergraduate students. Travis Stackow '19

  • Luis Torres

    Economics and Spanish majors

    A 2019 Tiger’s Den entrepreneurship competition winner, Luis was also a member of the Learning by Giving Foundation, managed the Varsity Soccer team, and studied abroad in Spain. Luis Torres '18

  • David Fluharty

    Biology major

    A founding member—and now president—of Hampden-Sydney's Cycling Club, David Fluharty '20 also serves as a resident advisor, vice president of both the Outsiders Club and the International Club, and editor of the Journal of the Sciences. David Fluharty '20

  • Dalton Hall

    English major

    Dalton Hall '19 came to Hampden-Sydney College not knowing what he was looking for outside of an education in English; he stayed because, over the course of his first transformational year, he began to understand the tremendous value of the liberal arts. Dalton Hall '19

  • Tillmon Cook

    Mathematical Economics major

    Tillmon Cook ’18 spent four months aboard the MV World Odyssey with students from 33 other countries, earning college credit while sailing the world, a global adventure that took him to four continents, 11 countries, and 12 cities. Tillmon Cook '18

  • David Bushhouse

    Biology major, Chemistry minor

    David Bushhouse '19 is one of only eight students from the state of Virginia to be named a 2018 Goldwater Scholar, awarded to undergraduates in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering. David Bushhouse '19

  • Will Fussy

    Biology major

    When Will Fussy '18 chose a research topic for his honors capstone, he found one that combines his biology major with his desire to attend law school: the legal patenting of human genes. Will Fussy '18

  • Sean Walden

    Biology major, Chemistry minor

    The Hampden-Sydney College summer research program provides students with the opportunity for experiential learning. Sean Walden '18 chose to research fungal infections in hops plants—a problem plaguing the beer industry. Sean Walden '18

  • Jacky Cheng

    Economics & Business major, Public Service minor

    Two Hampden-Sydney students launched a philanthropic clothing company "on a mission to eliminate illiteracy" while maintining full academic loads. Jacky Cheng '18

  • Sam Murphy

    Interdisciplinary Studies major

    Hampden-Sydney College Student Body President Sam Murphy '18 flies through life as fast as he skates down the hilly campus paths, full of energy and enthusiasm. Sam Murphy '18

  • Hunter Hoffler

    Economics & Business major

    One week before his freshman orientation at Hampden-Sydney, Hunter H. Hoffler '19 added World Champion to his list of accomplishments--a list which already included National Champion, Team USA captain, business entrepreneur, and star of his own television show on the World Fishing Network. Hunter Hoffler '19