The Minor in Latin American Studies consists of eighteen hours in addition to successful completion of SPAN 201-202 or any 300-level course in Spanish. The eighteen hours of coursework must include

(a) two or more courses from among HIST 209, HIST 210, GVFA 227, SPAN 332, or SPAN 315;

(b) three or more additional Latin American related courses chosen from two different departments, at least one of which must be at the 300-400 level and may not have been used already to satisfy category (a) of the minor;

(c) INDS 450, 451, 452, or 453; and

(d) six credit hours in an approved study abroad program in a Latin American country.

Study abroad courses which do not have a Latin American emphasis may be taken, but will not count toward the eighteen credit hours required for the minor. An internship experience in a Latin American country may be substituted for the six credit hours of study abroad, provided that it includes an academic component and is approved in advance for the minor. Recommended courses for satisfying category (b) of the minor include HIST 322, SPAN 310, 401 or 405, or any 300 or 400-level course with a Latin American emphasis, with prior approval from the Director, Professor DeJong. A student may petition the Director to add a course in substitution for one of the above if he can make the case that it is relevant to the interdisciplinary nature of the minor and/or his own specific interests in Latin America.

Students pursuing a major or an additional minor in a related field (i.e. Spanish or History) may apply up to six credit hours toward both minors, or toward the related major.

updated 8/8/23

Latin American Studies Director

Dr. Kenneth D. Lehman
Squires Professor of History
Maples, 021 | Hampden-Sydney College
(434) 223-6309

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