Summer 2023 Student Research Presentations

Hampden-Sydney summer research students present their ongoing projects to faculty, staff, students, and prospective students in the Summer Student Research Seminar Series.

Garrett Regan '25, Andrew Winans '25, Spencer Schneider '26, and Brown Riggins '26
Using electron spin resonance to analyze amodiaquine/Animating "The Boy Who Lived with Seals"/The development of the Yup'ik expression of Moravian Christianity/Improving the material diversity capabilities of an additive manufacturing machine

Seth Spickard '26, Bo Frazier '26, Chase Magette '24, and Matthew Miscikowski '26
Developing an image recognition web application for the Nunalleq Culture and Archaeology Center/Identification and characterization of three bacteriophages that infect Mycobacterium smegmatis/Electrochemical formation of free radicals/Expression of the Rbfox1l and Rbfox2 proteins in larval zebrafish

Cullyn Cary '25, Michael Rowe '24, Ethan Currin '26, and Braxton Mergenthal '24
National and regional survey of Odonata species and their conservation needs/The Fourteenth Amendment/A study of resveratrol and analogs by electron spin resonance spectroscopy/Brick-and-mortar vs. online shopping

Teddy Bilodeau '24, Briggs Randall '24, Bryson Smith '24, and Connor Eickelman '24
Determination of rationale behind consumer preferences for e-commerce/Employing multi-metallic coordination complexes to model metal binding sites in humic substances/A historical contextualization of the Hampden-Sydney curriculum/Protecting the health of the Heart of Virginia: Interning at the Piedmont Health District of the Virginia Department of Health

Jacob Crabtree '25, Davie Clark '25, and Luke Lindquist '26
Does tax revenue from counties correlate to the education levels in Virginia?/Engineering a FOXC2-deficient melanoma cell line/Scientific creativity in children

Luke Glenn '26, Zach Gonzalez '24, Henry Loehr '24, and Teddy Hendrickson '24
Investigating the aerodynamic performance of automotive designs using MATLAB and CFD/Why consumers choose e-commerce/Genetically-modifying Escherichia coli to produce insulin-like growth factor 1/Gender and perception of attitudes towards psychotherapy vs. drug therapy

Jarod Concepcion '24, Tristin Winkler '24, Zachary Mowbray '25, and Thomas Morris '24
Synthesis of salen-metal coordination complexes to model metal binding sites in humic substances/Acceptance of sexuality-based microaggressions towards queer POC couples/The neoplatonic philosophy of religion/Employing small molecules to model metal binding sites in humic substances

Thaddeus Cobb '25, Luis Meza '25, William Gardner '25, and Marc Moroz '26
Hampden-Sydney plant-borne fungal disease survey/The educational identity and its interaction with the criminal justice system/Invertebrate conservation and IUCN Red List training/Cloning recombinant DNA to produce IGF-1 in Escherichia coli for use in the tissue engineering of myofibers

Camden Libby '26, Martin Eschman '24, and Richard Jones '25
How do people think about the moral dilemmas of others?/Public speaking anxiety:A local struggle/Modern American reactions to chemical weapons(Audio begins at 02:30)

Summer 2022 Student Research Presentations

Dr. Jonathan Lim, Oxford University (UK)
Unpiloted Aerial Systems (UAS) for Fun and Profit: Harnessing the awesome power of drones to elevate your work and research

Dr. Rachel Goodman
A Presentation on Presentations: Delivering an Effective Research Presentation

Ben Jia '25, Henry Carman '23, Zachary Mowbray '25, and Jackson Paschal '23
Kant's Ethics: What are Maxims?/Surveying Ponds in Hampden-Sydney Ponds for Ranavirus/The Universal Vision of Justin Martyr, Clement of Alexandaia, and Lactantius/Hydration and Moisturization Efficacy of Skincare from 1700 to Present

Izac Olatunji '23, David Banton '23, Zachary Mace '23, and Josiah King '23
Ethnobotanical Surveying and Documentary Photography in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Southwest Alaska/Further Investigation in the Effects of Whey Protein on Skeletal Muscle/Deafening Silence:Modern Book Bans Against the LGTBQ Community/Characterization of ACE2/SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Interaction in the Nasal Passageway

Declan Kent '23, Ethan Larsen '25, Trey Grimes '23, and Jackson Eisele '23
Using GIS to Combat Heat Island Effects in Farmville/Marriage and Rights: The Women of Shakespeare/Synthesis of the Transmembrane Domain of the Spike Protein from SARS-CoV-2 and Determination of its Oligomerization State/Examining the Effects of Target Race and Sex on Moral Violations in the Workplace

Jacob Smith '23, Tyler Hobart '23, Elian Toapanta '24, Roman Trettel '23, and Blake Tullos '25
The Bottled-In-Bond Act of 1897: How Whiskey Distillers and Dealers Utilized Public Policy for Competitive Advantages/Synthesis and Analysis of the Transmembrane Domain of the Accesory Protein ORF7a of SARS-CoV-2 and Determination of the Oligomerization State/Rescue on Demand: Facilitating Search and Rescue Operations via Native Mobile App Development/Regional Survey of Water Chemistry and Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Biodiversity of Buffalo Creek and its Tributaries/Enter as Boys, Leave With a Man: A Look Into the LGBTQ+ History of Hampden-Sydney College

Briggs Randall '24, Jeffrey Hunsaker '23, Victoria Fenton '23, Grace Gillam, and David Crego '23
An Analysis of ESR Programs and their Capabilities/Transhumanism Through Music/Regional Survey of Adult Odonata Communities of Central Virginia/Determining the Oligomerization State of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus Envelope Protein's Transmembrane Domain using Fluorescence/Food Deserts in Virginia: Healthy Food Access' Effects on Health Outcomes

Al Blackburn '23, Ryan Scott '23, Pierce Gemborys '25, Noah Moore '23, and Andrew Rehak '23
The Role of Lipoprotein Biosynthesis in the Pathgenicity of Streptococcus bovis/Who were Early Christians?/Implementation of CW-EPR, a Python Program for Analysis and Processing of ESR Spectra/The Garland Brothers/Synthesis of the Transmembrane Domain of the ORF3a Protein on SARS-CoV-2 for Oligomerization State Determination

Jacob Siler '23, David Banks '24, Connor Eickelman '24, and Brett Reis '23
The Impact of COVID-19 on Dental Hygiene, Health, and Esthetics/The Effect of Plant-Based Proteins on Skeletal Muscle/Overexpression of Lysin B in LestyG Bacteriophage/Synthesis and Analysis of the Transmembrane Domain of the Accessory Protein ORF7b of SARS-CoV-2

Nathan Cabrera '24, Deanna Camp '23, Alexander Kaneklides '23, and Anthony Dischino '24
Continued Survey of Snake Fungal Disease on the H-SC Campus/Examining the Effect of Diversity Distribution on Third-Party Judgments of Job Satisfaction and Mental Health/The Catholic vs. Protestant Definition of Salvation/Installation of the H-SC Planetarium

Summer 2021 Student Research Presentations

Hampden-Sydney summer research students present their ongoing projects to faculty, staff, students, and prospective students in the Summer Student Research Seminar Series.

Assorted H-SC Faculty Members
Discussion on Graduate School

Drs. Marc Hight and Rachel Goodman
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: A Presentation on Effective Presentations

Coleman Meadows '22, Brett Reis '23, and Tyler Hobart '23 
A Development in Understanding Differences in Tolerance of LGBTQ+ youth versus LGBTQ+ adults/Synthesis and Analysis of the Transmembrane Domain of the Accessory Proteins ORF7a/ORF7b of SARS-CoV-2

Jake Beavers '22 and Eliot Chandler '22
The Effect of Urban Development on Biodiversity/Lift and Drag on Airfoils and Rebuilding the Wind Tunnel

Dr. Ryan Pemberton '00
Leadership and Organizational Culture

Aidan Sloan '23, Michael Van Citters '22, and John Torian '24
Vibrio cholarae's Shared Mechanisms of Adhesion/The Master Argument: Ideas, Matter, and Immaterialism/Making Solar Data Accessible Via Afterglow

Becton Topping '24, Jacob Siler '23, Lucio Chavez '22, and Aron Weldai '22
Digitization, Analysis, and Simulation of a Novel ESR Spectum/The Impact of Lifestyle Factors on Periodontal Disease/The Ideal Political Candidate Through the Leadership Perspective/Site-Directed Spin Labeling of Oligomerization Sites of a Synthetic Transmembrane Domain

Josiah King '23, Henry Carman '23, Paul Mahaffy '22, and Andrew Rehak '23
Characterization of ACE2/SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Interaction in the Nasal Passageway/Surveying Turtles in Hampden-Sydney Ponds for Ranavirus/Using an Artificial Cover Object Survey Network to Tissue Survey and Survey Snakes for Ranavirus/Synthesis of a Ligand That Exhibits Fluorescence via FRET

Jeb Wall '22, Cooper Boyles '23, Leland Cobb '22, and Sully Cheyne '22
Evaluating Co-Expression of FOXC2 and Other Cancer-Related Genes in Melanoma Using cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics Software/Tigers in the Theatre: Updating Professor Simpson's Book " The Hampden-Sydney Stage"/Exploring the Genetic Basis of Regeneration in the Brown Planaria Species Dugasta dortocephala/Increasing the Sound Absorption Coefficient in Concrete

Nathan Cabrera '24, Daniel Marsden '23, Daniel Pearce '22, Zachary Mace '23, and Daniel Smith '22
The Development of an  in situ Procedure for Creating Hydroquinone Radicals to be Studied by Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy/Nuna Nalluyuituq: The Land Remembers/An analysis of D-peptides as Effective Inhibitors of IgA1 Proteases/ Twelfth Night as Queer Literature/Synthesis and Computational Analysis of Ligands that Produce FRET

Martin Eschman '24, Trey Grimes '23, Ryan Scott '23, Connor Eickleman '24, and Alexaner Kehoe '23
Studying the Effects of Power on Moral Thinking/Synthesis of the Transmembrane Domain of the Spike Protein from SARS-CoV-2 and Determination of its Oligomerization State/The Biblical Canonization Process: Through the Lens of Hebrews and Barnabas/Fast-Flow ESR Spectroscopy of Bisphenols/Blockchain in Coroprate Finance: Applications in KYC and AML Compliance

Daniel Nivens '24, Tobias Konieczka '22, and Patrick Strite '24
Constitutional Interpretation Through the Ages/The Isolation and Characterization of Novel Bacteriophages/The Effectiveness of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families at Reducing Non-Marital Pregnancies in Rust Belt Cities

Mark Hurst '24, Jalynn Camp '23, Joshua Fentress '23, Jackson Eisele '23, and Izac Mercer-Olatunji '23
Timbre and the Physchophysical Relationship of Sound/Foster Children and Self-Concept/Investigating Food Plant Growth Under Martian Conditions: Testign Extraterrestrial Soil and Light Conditions on Plant Viability/Studying the Effect of Race and Gender on Perceptions of Moral Transgressions in the Workplace/Exploring Growth Conditions for Amanita muscaria and Its Root Sections for Mycorrhiza

Benjamin Rose '23, Taylor McGee '23, Heath Rozier '23, and Andrew Smith '22
Use of the TRAF Function in Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy Signal Processing/Designing a Better Beer/Understanding the Relationships between Identity, Self-Esteem, and Social Status/The Role of Key Telomere-Associated Genes on Replicative Lifespans of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Spring 2021 Honors Research in Progress Seminars

William Sparks '21 and Thomas Salamon '21
The Legal Manipulations and Medical Applications of CBD/Hemp....The Forecast Accuracy of Implied Volatility in the Black-Scholes and Derived Models

James Taylor '21
Remembering Sengoku Through Popular Culture

Ryan Irizarry '21
Machine Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks

Bjoré Samard '21
To Vote or Not To Vote: The Moral Existence of a Right Not to Vote in the United States

Benjamin Mahone '21
The Mindset of Hunting and the Reintroduction of Elk in Virginia

Matthew Rehak '21 and Alexander Washington '21
Synthesizing the Transmembrane Domain of the Envelope Protein of SARS-CoV-2 Using Solid Phase Peptide Techniques and analyzing the Oligomerization State.....Synthesis of SARS-CoV-2 Transmembrane Domains Using Solid Phase Peptide Chemistry and Analysis of the Oligomerization for Novel Drug Design

Caelan Gold '21 and Charles Lemon '21
The Impact of the 2001 Recession on Rochester, NY: A Case Study.....Effects of Megaptera novaeangliae Bubble-Net Feeding Behavior on the Behavior of a Prey Species

Douglas Hogan '21 and Harrison Whaley '21
Phage Therapy Enhancement through Immunity Repressor Knockout.....Utilizing Gene Manipulation and Phage Treatment to Influence Nitrogen Fixation in the Azospirillum brasilense Bacterium

Damian Martinez Pineda '21
Single Unit Recordings of the Rostral TRN in Action Selection of a Taught Task

Brennan Vaught '21 and Ryan Yeates '21
Design, Synthesis, and Application of Salicylaldehyde- and 1-Hydroxynapthaldehyde-Derived FRET-Based Probes for Detection of Transition Metal Ions in Aqueous Environments........Exploring the Docking and Inhibition of the Hinge-Region Peptide of IgA1 to its Bacterial Protease

Christopher Thompson '21
What is China's One Belt One Road Initiative and What Should the U.S. do in Response?

Brahm Dean '21 and Nathan Houser '21
A One-Pot Method of Non-C2 Symmetric Schiff Base Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Tests.......EPR Study of Cu(II) Compounds of Bis(salicylidene) Ethylenediamine and Related Ligands

Summer 2020 Student Research Presentations

Hampden-Sydney summer research students present their ongoing projects to faculty, staff, students, and prospective students in the Summer Virtual Student Research Seminar Series.

Will Hudson '14
Strategies for an effective research presentation

Luke Carter '22, Elijah Edwards '22, Eric Foxwell '21, and Eliot Chandler '22
Oral microbiomes, Dracula, dark matter, and the speed of sound in liquid

Ryan Irizarry '21, Mike Thornton '21, Trey Grimes '23, and Aidan Sloan '23
Neural networks, neoliberal economics in Chile, new mimetics for insulin, and characterizing novel bacteriophage

Max Dash '18, Hayden Dougherty '18, and Stewart Neifert '12--a career panel 
ESPN, AmbioPharm, and Johns Hopkins

Evan Lester '21, J. Daniel Smith '22, Joey Kelly '22, and Brahm Dean '21
Political affiliation vs. outcome bias, new fluorescent chemical probes, redefining propaganda, and chemical catalysts

Jeb Wall '22, Jake Beavers '22, and Taylor McGee '23
Oxidative stress as a factor in cancers, simulating the Martian atmosphere for plant growth, and the role of interferons in cancer

Wyatt West '21, Henry Carman '23, and John Walker '21
Defining counterfactuals, endocrine receptor chemistry, and the genetics of plant fitness

Harrison Whaley '21, Scotty Bowman '21, Daniel Pearce '22, and Charlie Lemon '21
Bacillus bacteriophages, a public history of Bagby Hall, protease inhibitors as new antibacterial drugs, and the bubble-net feeding behavior of whales

Andrew Smith '22, Jackson Eisele '23, Jacob Siler '22, and Andrew Rehak '23
Fluorescent probes to detect disease, new musical arrangements for the H-SC Pep Band, connecting oral bacteria to neurodegneration and cardiovascular disease, and fighting free radicals

Jacob Whitney '21, Aron Weldai '22, and Caleb Manu '23
A meta-analysis of issues surrounding COVID-19, acetaminophen and drug-induced liver injury, and discovering new bacteriophages at H-SC

Jacob Whitney '21, Aron Weldai '22, and Caleb Manu '23
A meta-analysis of issues surrounding COVID-19, acetaminophen and drug-induced liver injury, and discovering new bacteriophages at H-SC

Final papers and presentations

Jake Beavers '22--biology

Luke Carter '22 and Jacob Siler '22--biology

Eliot Chandler '22 paper--physics

Eliot Chandler supplementary data--physics

Brahm Dean '21--chemistry

Jackson Eisele '23--music

Eric Foxwell '21--physics

Trey Grimes '23 and Andrew Rehak '23--chemistry

Ryan Irizarry '21--computer science

Joey Kelly '22--history/Russian

Charlie Lemon '21--biology

Evan Lester '21--psychology

Caleb Manu '23--biology

Taylor McGee '23--biology

Daniel Pearce '22--chemistry

Aidan Sloan '23--biology

J. Daniel Smith '22--chemistry

John Walker '21--biology

J.B. "Jeb" Wall '22--biology

Aron Weldai '22--chemistry

Harrison Whaley '21--biology

Jacob Whitney '21--biology