Often, students will find that they have a strong interest in an area of study or investigation but that they lack sufficient time during the semester to explore these ideas. For this reason, the Office of Undergraduate Research sponsors the summer research program.

This program is designed for students who wish to pursue a line of independent research under the supervision of a faculty member. The program allows a student to do significant research during the summer without sacrificing the opportunity to take regular course work. Further, students who participate in the program are building valuable skills for future work in their disciplines.Students who are accepted into the program receive up to 9 weeks of on-campus, and a stipend to cover living expenses. The faculty supervisor will receive $300 for supervising a 6-8 week project.

To accommodate the growing number of students who are interested in gaining independent research experience as part of their Hampden-Sydney educations, the Office of Undergraduate Research also offers a funding mechanicm designed for students who are seeking to begin work on long-term academic-year research projects. These Preparatory Summer Research Fellowships—awarded for the summer preceding the student’s research project--will provide $750 for students to work for 10 weeks from home on a research project that has been approved by the Honors Council and one or more sponsoring Hampden-Sydney faculty.   Students interested in applying for a Preparatory Summer Research Fellowship will go through the same mechanism as students who are looking to apply for traditional on-campus Summer Research Fellowships.

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2023 Summer Research Opportunities

Final Reports and Presentations:

If you receive a summer research grant from the College, you must submit a written report to the Office of Undergraduate Research on the first day of classes of the fall semester. Your report must be accompanied by a detailed evaluation by the supervising professor.

It is expected that students will write their reports during the summer research period, not upon their return to campus for the start of the fall semester. The report should be submitted to the faculty supervisor on, or shortly after, the final day of the research period. This will give the project supervisor time to read and critique the report, so that a revised report, together with the supervisor's assessment, can be submitted on the first day of fall classes.

Note: Normally the results of the project itself will be a long essay or paper. The format of this essay or paper will be appropriate to the field of study.

In addition, all recipients of Student Summer Research Grants must present their results in a public presentation to be held in a student symposium (on campus) in early September.

Max Dash '18

Recent Hampden-Sydney graduate Max Dash '18 devoted the bulk of his senior year to honors research, delving deep into what he calls a very personal, passion-driven project. The creative work thrust the English major deep into Tiger athletics past and present, analyzing the relationship between sports narratives and American culture.

Max Dash '18

Summer Research Program

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