Houses and land belonging to the College, when offered for rent or sale, are to be offered first to faculty and staff according to the restrictions and guidelines of the housing policy. These restrictions and guidelines are intended 1) to encourage members of the faculty and staff, whose frequent and informal contact with students enhances the total educational mission of the College, to live on the campus and to encourage the early assimilation of certain new employees into the life of the community; 2) to assure that certain houses are made available for members of the administration who, by direction of the Trustees, must live on the campus; 3) to establish and continue the campus and the surrounding area as an academic community; 4) to protect the investment of the College in houses and land in and around the campus; and 5) to provide a consistent plan under which houses and land will be made available to faculty and staff. Only incidentally are the purchase of College houses or land and the renting of College houses to be construed as benefits or perquisites.

I.        Method of Allocating Housing

A.  The Housing Committee responsible for the assigning of faculty and other employees to rental units and for overseeing the purchase of houses and building lots, shall be composed of the Vice-President for Business Affairs and Finance, the Dean of the Faculty, a Business Office housing representative, the Dean of Students, Director of Physical Plant, the Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee and a member of the Board of Trustees.[i]The Dean of the Faculty will chair the committee. A Business Office housing representative will serve as recording agent, keeper of records and facilitator of housing committee meetings. No member of this committee may take part in any committee action in which he or she is party.

B.  The Business Office housing representative, beginning on or about May 1 each year, will inform faculty and staff as to what is available for the coming year and normally will announce assignments within two weeks of each notice of availability.

C.  Competing claims for rental units, for the purchase of College land, and for the purchase of homes that become available for sale will be resolved by a point system (equal claims to be resolved by the Housing Committee). Points are cumulative. The point system is as follows:

Employee Category Point Value
All full-time faculty and other exempt employees 1 point for each completed year 
All exempt administrators and staff  2 points
All tenure-track Assistant Professors plus exempt administrators and staff whose residence on campus is designated "highly desirable"      3 points
All tenured and tenure-track Associate Professors plus exempt administrators and staff whose residence on campus is designated "strongly desirable"  4 points
Tenured and tenure-track Full Professors  5 points

(NOTE: Senior Administrative Officers will nominate and rank those exempt employees whose residence on campus is "highly desirable" and "strongly desirable." These designations will be reviewed by the Housing Committee. The Board of Trustees will designate those employees required to live on campus. (See Section XV for current list.)

II.          Rental Housing

A.   Houses reserved for rental to new appointments (See Section VI for List).

All faculty and staff (exempt and non-exempt) who have been employed at the College for fewer than six years are eligible to apply for housing reserved for new appointments (with preference given in reverse seniority order). At the end of the academic year following the year that a tenure decision is made, faculty members will vacate these units. In the case of other exempt and non-exempt employees, rental is limited to six years.   Appeals for extension on the lease or other exceptions must be submitted to the Housing Committee.

B.  Houses reserved for rental to senior faculty and staff (See Section VIII for List).

Houses reserved for rental to senior faculty and staff (those with a minimum of six years of full-time service at the College) will be allocated according to the point system. At the end of the six year rental period if the occupying party desires to extend the lease an appeal must be submitted to the Housing Committee. In the absence of demand by senior faculty or staff (but only until there is such demand), other College exempt and non-exempt employees, in accordance with the point system, may occupy one of these units on an annual basis.

C.  Rent for College housing units will be at fair market rate (see Section XIII).

D.  The College's normal rental year is July 1 through June 30.

E.   When an employee is terminated within the lease period the College reserves the right to terminate the lease at the College's discretion. An employee whose employment with the College terminates, for whatever reason, must vacate rental units by June 30. Special arrangements will be made for faculty whose employment terminates at the end of a fall semester. Exceptions are at the discretion of the Housing Committee.

III.    Houses Reserved for Employees Required to Live on Campus (See Section XI for List)

Employees assigned to one of these houses pay rent and utilities established under guidelines approved by the Board of Trustees. Employees required to live on campus must live in one of these designated houses, or buy or build elsewhere on campus. When one of these employees does buy or build, the Housing Committee will choose in accord with the point system an interim occupant for the house thus vacated. The interim occupant will pay rent and full utility costs and will be required to vacate, with fair notice [three months or the end of the current academic year, whichever is longer] whenever the house is needed for an employee required to live on campus.

IV.    Purchase of College Land or Houses

A.   Tenured faculty, tenure-track faculty, and other exempt employees may purchase houses or building lots from the College, as available.  In the case of houses available for rent and/or sale, offers to purchase by faculty and other exempt employees will take precedence over offers to rent.

B.     College housing that is offered for sale will first be offered to the current occupant. If the current occupant does not wish to purchase the home under these conditions, the house will be offered for purchase to other eligible faculty and exempt employees. Competing claims resolved by the Housing Committee in accord with the point system. If no offer to purchase the house is received, the College may elect to keep the house as rental property or to allow purchase bids under other conditions. EXCEPTION: If the College decides to offer for sale a home that had been reserved for new appointments, the point system will determine who has first priority among offers to purchase the home (see Section XIV).

C.   All property sold by the College will include a right of first refusal clause. This covenant shall always run with the land. The owners of such property will be required to maintain it according to standards compatible with College standards.

D.  An employee who purchases a building lot from the College must begin construction of a residence on that land within a year of the purchase date, or sell the land back to the College at the purchase price. The College retains the right of first refusal in the event of any subsequent sale of the property and/or any residence constructed on it.

E.   Consistent with prior policy and county zoning regulations, construction plans, specifications, siting, and land use, are subject to prior approval by the Housing Committee, when an employee has purchased a building lot.  Roxbury I and II properties are overseen by an Architectural Control Committee.  See Roxbury I and II Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, And Obligations, Covenant 4.

V.      Miscellaneous

A.  Surviving spouses of College employees may continue to occupy College rental units until June 30 of the academic year following that of the employee's death. Covenants attached to deeds of College land and houses should include provision for a surviving spouse to occupy the house until his or her death. Subsequent remarriage would not affect exercise of this right by the surviving spouse. At such time as the property ceases to be the primary place of residence of the surviving spouse, the house must be sold within six months. Upon the expiration of the six-month period, the College may require that the property be conveyed to it at the then market value. In case of any disagreement as to fair market value, the seller and the College shall each appoint a qualified appraiser familiar with local property values to determine the fair market value. If such appraisers are not able to agree on the fair market value, they shall select another similarly qualified appraiser. If the three appraisers are then unable to agree on the fair market value of the property, each appraiser shall submit a formal appraisal setting forth his or her opinion as to the fair market value and the seller shall be required to convey the property for a price determined by averaging the three appraisals. These same provisions would apply to a divorced partner who receives in legal settlement a house covered by such a covenant.

B.   Subject to the exceptions in V.A. above, houses sold by the College to an individual employee will be subject to a clear covenant granting the College the right of first refusal and requiring sale of the property effective upon the individual's acceptance of non-College employment, or upon the individual's departure from the campus community.

C.   The President may approve temporary assignments or other temporary uses for rental housing as exceptions to this policy. The Chair of the Housing Committee will communicate the nature and duration of such arrangements to the Housing Committee.

D.  This policy is subject to change by the Housing Committee and approval by the President. Exceptions exercised by the President will be communicated to the College community by the Chair of the Housing Committee.

E.   Those aggrieved by a decision of the Housing Committee shall have ten calendar days to appeal to the Committee for a review. If the Housing Committee does not resolve an appeal to the satisfaction of the aggrieved party, the aggrieved shall have additional ten calendar days to appeal the Committee's decision to the President of the College whose decision shall be final.  The start date for commencing the additional ten calendar days shall be the day following receipt of the notice of denial from the Housing Committee. 


  • Cherry Hill
  • Hillsman A
  • Hillsman B
  • Slate Hill Main House
  • Sagebrook


  • Slate Hill Cottage


  • Baird House
  • Leslie House


  • Hamlett House A
  • Hamlett House B


  • Carpenter Z Apartment
  • Crawley Forum Apartment
  • Hampden Unit 4 Rooms 35-36    



                    House                                            Reserved For

               Estcourt                                (currently Administrative Facility)

               Middlecourt                           President

               Packer                                   (currently Administrative Facility)

               Penshurst                              Vice President for College Advancement

               Westermerton                        (currently Administrative Facility)

               Thornton Place                      Dean of Students


  • President
  • Dean of the Faculty
  • Vice-President of Enrollment
  • Vice-President for College Advancement                                                      


  • Davis
  • Nelson


           The Board of Trustees has mandated that all College housing reserved for rental shall be at market rates comparable to those currently charged in the Farmville market and surrounding areas.


           The Board of Trustees has mandated that all College housing and property offered for sale shall be at current market rates as determined by a fair market appraisal.  The College does not finance the purchase of College land or housing or the construction of new housing on land purchased from the College for private use.


A.      Strongly Desirable (Four Points)

  • Director of Counseling
  • Director of the Physical Plant
  • Director of Campus Security & Police

B.      Highly Desirable (Three Points)

  • Assistant Dean of Students
  • Associate Dean of Students
  • Associate Dean for Academic Support
  • Athletic Director
  • Head Baseball Coach
  • Head Basketball Coach
  • Head Football Coach
  • Head Lacrosse Coach
  • Head Soccer Coach
  • Director of Fitness Center


It is desirable that all exempt administrators and staff reside on campus.  Therefore, at the minimum, each of these positions receives two points under the housing policy.  The residence on campus of some administrators and staff, however, is ranked as strongly desirable (these receive four points) or highly desirable (these receive three points).  These positions include those who are on call virtually twenty-four hours a day and those whose frequent interaction with students is desired by the College and thereby encouraged by proximity if possible.


[1] Trustee member of the Housing Committee shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.  Whenever feasible, the trustee member of the Housing Committee shall be selected from among members of the Faculty Affairs Committee of the Board or the Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees.  In considering matters concerning Roxbury I and II only the Roxbury representative will be invited to participate and vote on all matters pertaining to Roxbury I and II only.