Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Our office is located on the first floor of Cabell House (across from Via Sacra Road)


Accounts Payable Manager Shannon Price
Accounts Payable/Student Loan Specialist Tracey Dunn
Assistant Controller Brandy Puckett
Business Operations Manager Marianne Catron
Cashier Jennifer Cochrane
Controller Cheryl Hill
Director of Student Accounts Jessi Conwell
Executive Assistant Sandy Yeatts 
Vice President for Business Affairs and Finance P. Kenneth Copeland, Jr.

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This page is to inform all interested parties about the College's licensing program for the use of trademarks or any other symbol associated with the College. Being part of a licensing program allows us to safeguard the use of our name and logos.

Use of Trademarks or Symbols:

Trademarks and symbols associated with the College may be used so long as the proper procedures are followed. Merchandise must be processed/manufactured through one of our approved licensees. The licensee is responsible for submitting the product/artwork throught the College's licensing partner for approval. If you would like to do business with a vendor that is not on our approved list, please contact Ken Copeland and he will make the necessary arrangements to contact the vendor to see if they would like to become one of our approved licensees. To see a list of our current vendors along with their contact information, click the link below, then search for Hampden-Sydney College.
Vendor List

Unauthorized Use:

If you are aware of anyone using our marks illegally, please notify Ken Copeland (434-223-6216).


Cost of Education

Actual student fees account for approximately 3/4 of the total cost of the student's education. The remainder is provided by income from endowment and by gifts from alumni, friends, and foundation.

Expenses and costs are composed of certain fixed fees payable to the College.

Tuition & Fees

Paying Your Tuition

Your electronic bill for the fall semester is available in early July with payment due by August 1st each year. The electronic bill for spring is available in early December with payment due January 1st each year.

The College offers several methods of payment credit card, e-check, cash, or monthly payments.

Payment Methods

Business Office

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