Using WiFi at Hampden-Sydney College

Getting connected on-campus

Below are links for instructions to get your devices connected to the Hampden-Sydney College campus Wi-Fi.

We are in the process of phasing-out our older Wi-Fi solution, so there are currently two different Wi-Fi platforms running on campus. This means that may will be different instructions depending on which building you are at when trying to connect to the campus Wi-Fi. Please read through both sets of instructions.

Instructions for new Wi-Fi buildings (most locations)

** These locations use the SSIDs TigerNet & TigerNet-Guest


 Instructions for legacy Wi-Fi buildings

** These locations use the SSIDs HSCWiFi2 & HSCWiFi5

There may be additional SSIDs depending on your location

  • All Fraternity Housing
  • Cushing Residence Hall (Summer 2024)
  • Gilmer Hall (offline)
  • Kirk Athletic Center

* If you are having issues connective a device to these networks, please try registering your wireless device here. This fixes most issues with connectivity, though it may take 2 business days to take effect.


Internet for Off-Campus Housing

For issues with off-campus housing provided by the college, please contact Ed Palmertree at 434-223-6021. These locations have cable modem internet access from Shentel and are not fed from Hampden-Sydney College.

Off-campus housing locations include:

  • Dishman House
  • Hamlett House
  • Melvin House
  • Reed House


Guest Access to the campus WiFi

Guests may access the campus network by connecting to one of the following wireless SSIDs and entering their email address in the login portal in the Guests section. The SSIDs available for guest access are:

  • Guest  (open network with restricted access to on-campus electronic services)
  • HSCWiFi2
  • HSCWiFi5