• Associate Professor of English

    Morton Hall 116
    (434) 223-6401



Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison, 2000
M.A., University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1993
B.A., Wake Forest University, 1987

Teaching and Research Interests

English Renaissance Literature
Law and Literature

Most Recent Publications

"'But She Woulde Not Consent': Women's Narratives of Sexual Assault and Compulsion in Early Modern London." Violence, Politics and Gender in Early Modern England. Ed. Joseph Patrick Ward. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.

"'Rich Like a Lady': Cross-Class Dressing in the Brothels and Theaters of Early Modern England," Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies 8:1 (Spring/Summer 2008): 4-34.

"Beyond the Comfort Zone: Attending to Student Resistance and Gender Dynamics in the Classroom" (workshop summary). Attending to Early Modern Women-and Men. Ed. Amy Leonard and Karen Nelson. Newark, DE: University of Delaware Press, 2011.

"Sex, Lies and Inscrutability: Reading and Reconstructing Narratives of Female Behavior in Early Modern England and France" (workshop summary). Attending to Early Modern Women: Gender, Culture, and Change. Ed. Margaret Mikesell and Adele Seef. Newark, DE: University of Delaware Press, 2003. 367-369.

Institutional Involvement

Chair of English, 2013-Present.
Mentor to College Lacrosse Team, 2007-present.
College Grievance Committee, 2010-2012.
Honors Council, 2010-2012.
Advisor, Sigma Tau Delta, English Honor Society, 2006-2012.
Selection committee for Brown Teaching Award, 2009-2011.
College Lectures and Programs Committee, 2007-2010. Chair, 2008-2010.
College Athletics Committee, 2006-2010.
Campus Coordinator, Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow Program, 2007-2009.

Honors & Awards

Maurice L. Mednick Memorial Fellowship, Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges, 2008-2009.

Hampden-Sydney Faculty Fellowship Summer Research Grant, 2006-2008, 2011-2012.

Professional Staff Congress-The City University of New York (PSC-CUNY) Research Award, 2001-2002, 2002-2003.


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