July 13, 2018

Biology major

from Virginia Beach, VA

A founding member—and now president—of Hampden-Sydney's Cycling Club, David Fluharty '20 also serves as a resident advisor, vice president of both the Outsiders Club and the International Club, and editor of the Journal of the Sciences

An education at H-SC is much more than your major.

We asked David to reflect on his time at Hampden-Sydney. His thoughts are below, edited for length and clarity.

David Fluharty '20 with a bike in front of Bortz LibraryThe Hampden-Sydney man

Being a Hampden-Sydney man means contributing to society in a respectful and honorable manner.

The value of the H-SC experience

Hampden-Sydney has provided an excellent template to develop myself as a good man and good citizen in the community. Furthermore, the small class sizes have allowed me to develop relationships with my professors that wouldn't be feasible elsewhere.

Advice for freshman

Get involved in as many clubs as possible in order to discover what you enjoy, then strive to become leaders in those clubs. Managing a club is similar to managing a small business, so it provides an invaluable experience.

Favorite class

Tissue Engineering and Organic Chemistry. Both classes are challenging, but in different ways: Tissue Engineering requires a student to be precise and cautious within the lab, whereas Organic Chemistry is like solving an abstract puzzle.

Favorite campus spot

The shack by Tadpole Hole where the Cycling Club stores and maintains bikes. It's the perfect spot to relax and break away from the busy life of a science major.

On editing the Journal of the Sciences

The process has taught me how to transform scientific writing into more presentable and understandable work, while giving me insight into the intricacies of publishing a scientific paper.

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