• Elliott Associate Professor of Economics and Business

    Morton Hall 022
    (434) 223-6200



Ph.D., Economics, Florida International University, 2012
M.A., Economics, Florida International University, 2009
M.Phil., Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, 2007 
Master’s in Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, 2003 
Bachelor’s in Commerce (Honors), University of Delhi, 2001

Recent Publications

Audretsch, D. B., Khurana, I., Dutta, D., & Tamvada J. P., (2024), Creating effective university innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems: a commitment system perspective. Journal of Technology Transfer

Dutta, D. K., & Khurana, I. (2023). Productive entrepreneurship within the entrepreneurial ecosystem: Insights from social exchange theory. Applied Psychology.

Khurana, I., Tamvada J. P., & Audretsch, D. B. (2023), The Weaker Sex? A Tale of Means and Tails; Journal of Business Venturing insights .

Khurana, I., Habiyaremye, A., Avsar, V., & Terjesen, S., (2023). The Impact of Policy Uncertainty on Entrepreneurial Activity: A Cross-country study, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development.

Khurana, I., Dutta, D.K. (2023). From place to space: the emergence and evolution of sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems in smart cities, Small Business Economics

Khurana, I., Dutta, D. K., & Ghura, A. S. (2022). SMEs and Digital Transformation During a Crisis: The Emergence of Resilience as a Second-order Dynamic Capability in an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem; Journal of Business Research

Khurana, I., Lee, D.J. (2022) Gender bias in high stakes pitching: an NLP approachSmall Business Economics.

Khurana, I., & Dutta, D. K., Schenkel, M. T. (2021). Crisis and arbitrage opportunities: The role of causation, effectuation and entrepreneurial learning,International Small Business Journal

Khurana, I. & Farhat, J. (2021). The Role of resources in Timing of Diversification and Survival of Startup Firms, Industry and Innovation.

Carmen, C., Farhat, J., & Khurana, I. (2021). Does Policy Uncertainty Impact the M&A Exit of Startup Firms?Journal of Economics and Finance, 1-22.

Khurana, I. (2021). Legitimacy and Reciprocal Altruism in Donation-Based Crowdfunding: Evidence from IndiaJournal of Risk and Financial Management14 (5), 194.

Khurana, I., & Dutta, D. K. (2021). From latent to emergent entrepreneurship in innovation ecosystems: The role of entrepreneurial learningTechnological Forecasting and Social Change167, 120694.

Khurana, I., Ghura, A. S., & Dutta, D. K. (2021). The influence of religion on the humane orientation of entrepreneursJournal of Small Business Management, 1-26.  

Khurana, I., Ghura, A. S., & Dutta, D. K. (2021). Religion and humane entrepreneurship: Insights for research, policy, and practiceJournal of the International Council for Small Business, 1-10.

Khurana, I. (2020). Understanding the process of knowledge accumulation and entrepreneurial learning in startups.  Industry and Innovation, 1-21.

Khurana, I., Krichevskiy, D., Dempster, G., & Stimpson, S. (2020). Institutions, entrepreneurial adaptation, and the legal form of the organizationJournal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy.

Editorial and Review Activities

2024 - Present: Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Asia Business Studies
2021 - Present: Editorial Board Member, Small Business Economics – An Entrepreneurship Journal
2021-23: Board Member, Virginia Association of Economists