August 14, 2017

Bortz Library has been ranked #12 by the Princeton Review.

During the decade since its opening in 2007, Hampden-Sydney College's Bortz Library has been ranked consistently as one of the best in the country by The Princeton Review. For the publication's 2018 issue, Bortz Library has come in at #12, higher than The College of William & Mary and the University of Virginia.

Director of the Library Shaunna Hunter says, "Part of Bortz Library's success is about our space. We are undeniably blessed with a space that is functional, welcoming, and comfortable."  

When Hampden-Sydney began planning for a new library, our librarians researched how young men use space, work in groups, and complete tasks. That research influenced the building's floor plan and furniture decisions, such as the installation of larger tables and chairs to accommodate big men and plenty of comfortable chairs and couches for long study sessions.  

Our librarians researched how young men use space, work in groups, and complete tasks.

More importantly, though, the research influenced the attitude of the library staff. Hunter says they work as a team to identify and to meet the needs of our students: "Researching whether your ancestor attended H-SC or need articles for a research paper? Asked to create a PowerPoint presentation or a short video for class? Looking for a textbook to borrow for a few hours because the one you ordered hasn't arrived? Need a toolkit, a bicycle pump, a laptop, a flash drive, a PowerPoint clicker, a book or an article from another library? We can help you with that, we want to help you with that, and we wish more students would discover us."  

Some people wonder what the role of libraries is now that students have access to so much information online. Hunter says, "Many in the media are saying libraries are having a moment because of the onslaught of fake news, and we can definitely help students with the complicated questions of source authority and evaluation, but this is Hampden Sydney; we've been around a long time, and contributing to students' ability 'to read and think critically, analytically, creatively, and independently' is a mission, not a moment."  

The next time you are on campus, come by Bortz Library and experience our world-class facility and staff for yourself.

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