November 02, 2022

Hampden-Sydney College welcomed children and parents on campus for Halloween activities on October 26, 2022.

Nearing the end of October, children often think about one thing: Halloween. The spirit and festivities of Halloween could be seen on Via Sacra as the community gathered for trick or treat.

In August 2021, Director of College Events Cameron Cary had an idea to host trick or treating on campus. “We hadn’t had families or children on campus in quite a while,” Cary said. “I emailed the community and asked if anyone was interested in hosting a table or trunk or treat, and they came from every direction all across campus, and we had a great event last year.”

In its second year, the Hampden-Sydney trick or treat event is becoming a favorite among the community. “I didn’t count people, but I’m guessing we saw about 800 people,” Cary said. Many Hampden-Sydney faculty, staff, and students came out and participated as well by tabling, dressing up, and handing out candy. Prior to the event, decorations were hung and placed down Via Sacra and bales of hay were placed to create a maze. “We would like to thank the Associate Dean of Students for Campus and Residential Life Jesse Schrader, Director of Student Affairs Operations, Orientation, and Civic Engagement Sandy Cooke, and the folks in the dean of students’ office for encouraging student participation,” Cary said.

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